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Empowering People’s Independence

Empowering People’s Independence

We empower people with disabilities, neurological and chronic health conditions to pursue the life of their choosing.

For more than forty years, EPI has provided personalized care, education, training, advocacy, and support solutions to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities, epilepsy, and brain injury. We have an enduring legacy of partnering with those we serve and with their families.

EPI was founded by parents who could not find the services they needed for their children.  With dedication, courage, and creativity, these families built a better world for their loved ones.

We share our founders’ indomitable drive to put first the needs and the dreams of the people we support.

What distinguishes EPI is our focus on offering progressive, tailored care solutions to people with developmental disabilities, epilepsy, and brain injury.  We are proud of our agility in adopting innovative service models that better meet the needs of the people we support to improve their health, wellbeing, independence, and social inclusion. We are passionate about doing the right thing. We work hard to earn the trust of the people we support and their families.  And we are committed to empowering people with disabilities to reach their individual goals and aspirations, and to live their lives to the fullest.

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