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Track and Contact Your Representatives

Want to know how to track Rep. Brandon William’s activity? Or Schumer and Gillibrand? Want to know how you can reach out to them? We’re here to help! Below are some resources that will let you keep an eye on Williams and the Senators, and get in touch with their offices as needed. Remember, we send out weekly action alerts by e-mail and update our Indivisible Facebook and Twitter pages regularly with current information.

** When you contact Williams, please let us know…for science.

Some useful links:

  • GovTrack: this tool lets you see what your representatives are doing. You can sign up for real-time alerts via e-mail or text to keep you up to date.
  • ProPublica’s “Represent” Project: this non-profit newsroom project tracks Congressional votes in real time. This page links to John Katko’s voting record. You can also find your Senators or Representative easily through the same site.
  • Countable: this app lets you easily track legislative activity and contact representatives.
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