CNY Solidarity Coalition

United in defense of our community and our neighbors


Indivisible Onondaga County

Indivisible Onondaga County:

(formerly Indivisible NY24)

Advocates with federal, state & local legislators to promote democracy reform and other progressive policies; organizes public demonstrations on these issues, often in partnership with other progressive groups; supports progressive candidates in federal, state & local elections.  Actions may include rallies for federal legislation, meetings with elected representatives, letters to the editor, phone- and text-banking.

State Legislative Action Team: (SLAT) 

Focuses on state and local issues that align with the CNY Solidarity mission statement: fair taxation, environment, health, transportation, education, jobs, racial and economic justice.  Actions may include meeting with elected representatives, rallies for local and state issues, letters to the editor.

Climate Justice Team: 

Supports and/or advocates for policies and actions that will slow the progress of climate change or mitigate its effects. Included in team efforts are support for development of renewable energy, as well as to communities adversely affected by climate change. Work often occurs with other climate and environmental groups which have shared values.  Actions may include letters to the editor, meeting with elected representatives, rallies and protests.

Beyond War and Militarism:

(Joint committee of Syracuse Peace Council and CNY Solidarity Coalition

Dedicated to nonviolence in work with Syracuse Veterans for Peace, World Beyond War and Upstate Drone Action, the team seeks to raise awareness of the corrupting, dangerous and immoral behavior by, and for, the corporate-dominated state that promotes war and militarism, while stealing resources from urgent needs in the United States and worldwide. Actions may include commemorating Armistice Day, developing/promoting lecture series, petitioning and meeting with elected representatives, protests and rallies.


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