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Micron Is Coming

Updated: 8/18/2023

We are excited for Micron coming to CNY thanks to Senator Schumer’s Chips & Science Act and NY State’s Innovative Green CHIPS Legislation bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. But Central New Yorkers have been through many of these deals before and promises have not been kept. How will Micron be different? 

Let’s look at the agreements, promises, issues and concerns raised by the community as we follow this project. To contact Micron visit:

Questions & Asks

Some questions/concerns that have come up in the CNY Solidarity State & Local Action Committee are:

  • Are the 9,000 jobs at Micron union jobs?
    • No, the 9,000 jobs at Micron are not represented by any union.
  • Is Micron building their own wastewater facility? This infrastructure cost should not be put on taxpayers. 
    • Micron bought a 37 acre vacant parcel for 5 million. Micron has said the land will be used for a wastewater pumping station to be built and run by the Onondaga County Water Environment Protection department. Meaning taxpayers will be building & maintaining this infrastructure that only Micron will use.
  • Concerns about thermal issues with water usage. How will Micron cool the water they use? 
  • What is the impact on the surrounding wetland? 
  • With a 2 million square foot footprint they should produce as much energy as they can. Will Micron commit to covering their roof and parking lots in solar panels and/or wind turbines if applicable?
  • Are you planning to capture the excess heat in your wastewater and use it to heat other buildings on your campus with a thermal energy network using heat pumps?
  • Will Micron use climate-conscious building materials like plywood & mass timber?
  • Will Micron campus will be net-zero?
    • Currently in their master plan, their goal is to have LEED Gold Fab Buildings & LEED Platinum Admin Buildings.
  • We need a better bus system to get residents to these jobs. Where is the transportation plan for Onondaga County?
  • Affordable Housing. We need more now, where is the plan? Why is Onondaga County building housing for fish but not people?

Have answers to these questions, additional questions, concerns or information to add this this page send an email us.

Read this LTE from Senator Rachel May that addresses some of our concerns above.

Micron should build chip factory with wood — and SUNY ESF can help.

Micron’s unmatched environmental impact at Clay chip fabs doubles in latest estimates
“…it’s more than the 40 million gallons the entire city of Syracuse uses in a day.”

Micron’s unmatched environmental impact will impact our health (Your Letters)

Government Agencies Involved

Town of Clay

Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency

  • July 19, 2023 Micron requesting largest tax break in Onondaga County history (Nearly 300 million in local tax breaks.) The goal, McMahon said, is for Micron to bring high-paying jobs and drive other business and property development to the county, rather than rely on the computer chipmaker to take on a large piece of the local tax burden. “We’re not going to be making money on property taxes on this,” McMahon said. “We’re going to be making money on economic growth.” Review Micron’s application for tax breaks.
  • Lead Agency to review New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) working with NYS DEC, NYS DOT & NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.

Empire State Development

  • View the terms of the agreement between Micron and Empire State Development.

Federal Department of Commerce

Environmental Review Timeline

  • Jan 2023 – Jan 2024: EIS Preparation
  • Feb 2024 – Mar 2024: DEIS & Draft Permit Public Review
  • Mar – June 2024: FEIS Preparation & Record of Decision
  • June – Oct 2024: Final Permit Reviews

The Agreements

Onondaga County

The Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency and Micron will enter into a 49-year PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreement and abatement of state and local sales tax on construction expenses. The Onondaga County Department of Water and Environment Protection and the Onondaga County Water Authority will make necessary water and wastewater infrastructure improvements over the project lifecycle to support the project and surrounding community.

Micron would get $284M property tax break under proposed deal with Onondaga County, records show (Oct 28, 2022)

Onondaga County will provide:

  • $5 million façade grant.
  • $10 million investment in conjunction with Syracuse University to establish a semiconductor research and development initiative to be located at the Syracuse Center of Excellence.
  • $5 million workforce sustainability grant to be disbursed over ten years to help fund local skills development for Onondaga County residents, in partnership with local institutions such as Onondaga Community College.
  • $5 million workforce attraction grant to assist with hiring during the initial project ramp-up.

New York State

  • Up to $5.5 billion in Green CHIPS Excelsior tax credits over two phases over 20 years based on performance-based incentives. These targeted incentives are directly tied to Micron creating 9,000 new jobs, investing $100 billion, and meeting the Green CHIPS community benefits package and sustainability standards. 
  • $200 million for necessary road and other infrastructure improvements surrounding the campus
  • $100 million in funding for community benefits as part of the $500 million Green CHIPS Community Fund.
  • The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees will review a power allocation award from NYPA’s low-cost ReCharge NY power program at a future public meeting.


  • Create 9,000 new jobs
  • Invest $100 billion
  • Meet the Green CHIPS sustainability standards
  • At least $250 million of community benefits as part of the Green CHIPS Community Fund over the next 20 years. 


  • Create, on average, nearly 50,000 jobs in New York State per year, including 9,000 jobs directly with the company.
  • Grow New York State’s economy significantly, generating an additional $16.7 billion in real (inflation adjusted) economic output, on average per year and $9.6 billion in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on average.
  • Provide an estimated annual average of $5.4 billion in real disposable personal income to New York residents.
  • Generate an average annual increase of $556 million in state government revenue, totaling $17.2 billion over the first 31 years of the project, and an average annual increase of $826.1 million in revenue to local governments, totaling $25.6 billion over the same timeframe.
  • Be one of the largest construction projects in North America, with construction spending of $31 billion and 5,600 related construction jobs on average at federal prevailing wage, for the initial 20 years.
  • Micron will commit to 20 years’ worth of community investments. These investments will be supported by a $500 million Green Chips Community Investment Fund, seeded with contributions of $100 million by ESD, at least $250 million by Micron, and the remainder by local, statewide, and national partners.

Energy Usage

Micron’s stops this week in Oswego County show how it could play pivotal roles in chip fab (April 29, 2023)

“Gatzemeier also met with officials from Constellation Energy, which just started producing hydrogen at its Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant, in Oswego. Micron said last fall it hoped to use hydrogen “to the extent feasible to displace/replace natural gas” consumption.” Read more on

Large Scale Solar Roofs Getting The Respect They Deserve

“When you run all the numbers, there can be significant economic advantages to producing solar power close to where it will be consumed.” Read it on CleanTechnica  

How Would Micron’s Electricity-Hogging Plant Here Live With NY’s War On Fossil Fuels?

“Micron Technology’s planned semiconductor fabrication plant in Clay would consume more electricity than the entire state of Vermont… 640 million kilowatt-hours a month, more than enough for 1 million average New York homes.” Read it on  

And here’s a comment from a well- informed friend: “So Micron will need 380 wind turbines and 3,282 kW (5.3 acres) of solar capacity to meet its electricity demand.”

Water & The Environment

When fully built, the plant will use 48,000 million gallons of Lake Ontario water every day. That’s more than 350,000 typical homes use. That’s double the estimate of less than a year ago, and it’s more than the 40 million gallons the entire city of Syracuse uses in a day. Would require the construction of a water line from Oswego to Clay that could cost 100 million dollars. Who will pay for this?

Where Micron would find 20 million gallons of water per day (Oct 11, 2022)

Micron wants our water. What happens when they’re done with it? (Oct 12, 2022)

  • Where will it come from and where will it end up?
  • What is the temperature and the precise chemical makeup of the effluent?
  • Do we lack the technical innovation or the political will to mandate Micron treat and recycle the water onsite?
  • What is our water worth? And who will ultimately pay?

How will Onondaga County supply Micron with 20 million gallons of water every day? (Oct 24, 2022)

Onondaga “county has already agreed to spend $200 million to expand the Oak Orchard plant, although it’s not clear how much of that would be for the closed-loop recycling to and from Micron.”

Housing & Transportation

Industrial park planned in Clay for Micron spinoff development (Mar 27, 2023)

Although this project promises population growth for Onondaga County, the County continues to spend 2.1 million of taxpayer money on future private companies opportunities instead of buying and building housing for Onondaga County residents.    

Smart growth: How planning and transportation could help maximize Micron’s impact on Syracuse (Nov 1, 2022) 

Great reporting from the Central Current about issues with our current bus system in Onondaga County and how it can improve.

Exclusionary zoning policies in Onondaga County

Child Care

Micron pays $1.4 million for land to build a child care center near planned fab in Clay
Providing child care is also one of many requirements chip makers need to provide if they want to compete for billions of federal dollars for building new fabs.


Micron to pay penalty to settle federal citizenship discrimination probe (April 24, 2023)

Micron reports loss of $2.31 billion in fiscal second quarter (Mar. 28, 2023)

Learn from CNY history. Ensure Micron-fueled growth benefits all (Guest Opinion by Nathan Porceng) – (Jan 25, 2023)

Micron to cut workforce by 10%  (Dec 21, 2022)

About Micron

New Micron details: Chip plants in Clay would be as tall as the JMA Dome (Mar, 6, 2023)

How Micron built to this moment: The maverick high-tech giant stakes its future in Central NY

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