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United in defense of our community and our neighbors


Below are some of the issues our committees are working on with some actions or resources for you to learn more.

Election 2024

Every year is an election year! View important election days for 2024, find who will be on your ballot, important issues and articles to remember. Next elections for 2024: March 19, 2024 Village Elections, May 21, 2024 suburban school budget and June 25 primary elections for NY Senate 50 & NY22!

Micron is Coming

We are excited for Micron coming to CNY thanks to Senator Schumer’s Chips & Science Act and NY State’s Innovative Green CHIPS Legislation bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. But Central New Yorkers have been through many of these deals before and promises have not been kept. How will Micron be different?

As we follow this project, let’s keep in mind the agreements, promises, environmental concerns raised by the community and additional issues.

NYS Legislation Tracker

Tax the Rich to fund Climate Justice, Health Care for ALL, Housing for ALL, Public Broadband, Public Education, Voting Rights and more!

Review the bills we are following in the NYS Legislature. See your CNY representatives positions on these bills and make some calls if their position is missing.

Local Issues

We have the highest rates of child poverty in the country. Tell Onondaga County to spend 85 million on Our Children, not fish.

Oppose the Onondaga County Aquarium


We have more important issues to address before considering a County Aquarium. Including but not limited to addressing poverty, increasing mental health services, building affordable housing, building better infrastructure like sewer, water, broadband, sidewalks, roads, etc., investing in public transportation, investing in education and more.

Community Grid Hearts

Support the Community Grid


We have more important issues to address before considering a County Aquarium. Including but not limited CNY Solidarity voted overwhelmingly to support the community grid option for I-81 replacement on Sept. 10; in fact we reached consensus. To learn more about it you can go here: The coalition will be signing on to this website to show our support & you can, too. Please sign on to show your support for the community grid—the only option that addresses racial equity, economic equity & environmental equity.

Climate Justice

Support the Climate & Community Protection Act


In late December, the Climate Action Council released its draft scoping plan for the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). Until June 10, New Yorkers have a chance to provide feedback on the plan through written comments. NY Renews is providing tools HERE on a different topic each week to help you make an informed comment about a sector of the plan and make your voice heard by state leaders. Here’s an overview of the CLCPA you can watch.

Support Additional Climate Bills


New York has crucial climate bills before the legislature this session, and passing these bills would greatly help our transition off fossil fuel combustion in buildings. 

These bills should be passed this year if we are to meet the targets set by our Climate Law (the Community Leadership and Climate Protection Act – CLCPA). But this has released a backlash from the fossil fuel industry; they are targeting our legislators with thousands of emails and robo-calls fighting against these bills. Please click, personalize, and send this urgent letter to legislators and Governor Hochul to counter industry disinformation: (the letter is set up to automatically go to your legislators based on your address). Then share this letter with everyone as soon as possible.. If everyone in the CNY Solidarity Coalition were to sign and then share this letter with their friends and family statewide, our voices would be heard!

Universal Healthcare

New York Health Act

Pass the New York Health Act


Healthcare is a human right! We support universal healthcare and the New York Health Act for universal healthcare for all New Yorkers. Join the Campaign for New York Health to pass single payer healthcare in New York!

Medicare for All Act of 2022


Senator Bernie Sanders just officially reintroduced the Medicare for All Act of 2022 into the U.S. Senate, along with an impressive 14 original cosponsors. 

Sign the petition urging the US Senate to pass the Medicare for All Act! Help show Washington the widespread support for healthcare for all. Use this toolkit from National Nurses United!

Call your Senators and ask them to get onboard as cosponsors or thank them for being cosponsors! The phone number for the Senate Switchboard (open 24 hours a day) is 202-224-3121. You can find some quick tips from our partners at  Healthcare NOW! for making the calls and a form to report back on your conversation here.

Immigrant Rights

Workers' Center of Central New York

Workers’ Center of Central New York


Take action and support the Workers’ Center of Central New York, an anchor organization of CNY Solidarity Coalition.

Beyond War and Militarism

Getting Beyond War & Militarism


Our goal is to increase awareness of the dangers resulting from government and corporate militaristic policies and practices.

Disability Rights

disability integration act

Support the Disability Integration Act


At our meeting on September 19, 2017, CNY Solidarity voted to endorse a nationwide campaign for the Disability Integration Act (HR 2472). This bipartisan legislation would ensure that disabled Americans have a right to live and receive services in their own homes. The DIA further secures our constitutionally protected right to liberty by preventing people with disabilities from being forced into costly institutional settings by unnecessary government regulations.

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