CNY Solidarity Coalition

United in defense of our community and our neighbors


Election 2023

Bill Kinne vs Ryan McMahon

Onondaga County Executive Candidates

Onondaga County has experienced over 60 years of Republican leadership and where has that left us? Highest concentrated poverty in the nation, unsafe housing poisoning our kids with lead, lack of mental health resources, a skeleton of county government and 86 million dollar taxpayer funded aquarium.


Low Turnout In Local Elections Silences Our Voices :: Vote Nov 7th


Every year is an election year! Visit this page to see who is on your ballot and where they said on the issues you care about. Make your plan to vote on November 7th, 2023 or early vote October 28th - November 5th!



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Our Pledge

We the people of Syracuse and Central New York are proud inheritors of the local struggle for abolition and suffrage and survivors of decades of economic deprivation. We hereby pledge: To tear down the walls that divide and impoverish us; To oppose any effort to register, detain, deport, or attack our neighbors; To provide refuge for those in danger or need; To protect our water, air, and land as our kin.
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