CNY Solidarity Coalition
  • Action Alerts

    Action Alerts – Week of August 14th

    Keep showing up CNY! Great events to attend and one call a day to make this week.

  • Not One Penny Syracuse

    Not One Penny

    Save the Date!! Tuesday, August 15th we will rally to let our representatives know we will NOT accept ONE PENNY in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy

  • Weekly Action Alerts

    Action Alerts – Week of August 7th

    We have seen what our phone calls and actions can achieve! Let's keep it up with even more phone calls and actions this week.

  • Auburn Town Hall

    Town Hall Meeting – August 14th

    Join us in Auburn on Monday, August 14th for a community forum with special guest speakers.

  • Community Outreach & Defense Alerts: 7/14

    Like summer itself, the Coalition sends us off to market (for protests against drones and ICE), the park (for parades of liberation and solidarity soccer), and the area’s