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There is No Planet B

The Psychology That Unlocks Climate Action

Education is a key part of taking climate action, yet according to psychologists, the way the majority of climate news is written actually numbs us into inaction. So how do we maintain awareness in a way that inspires us to act?  Read it and check out Urth Magazine at and thanks to  for…

Election 2022

Indivisible Onondaga County

NY Congressional Races

This week marks 5 weeks before the Midterm Elections. The recent testimony of the wife of a supreme court justice before the January 6 committee that the 2020 election was “stolen from Donald Trump” emphasizes the importance of this election to the future of Democracy in our country.  In recent weeks…


Guide: Letters to the Editor

CNY Solidarity Coalition's legislative action team encourages letters to the editor. Concerned about an issue? Share your opinion with a letter to the editor.



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Our Pledge

We the people of Syracuse and Central New York are proud inheritors of the local struggle for abolition and suffrage and survivors of decades of economic deprivation. We hereby pledge: To tear down the walls that divide and impoverish us; To oppose any effort to register, detain, deport, or attack our neighbors; To provide refuge for those in danger or need; To protect our water, air, and land as our kin.
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