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Republicans push Onondaga County to sue NY over change to election schedule

With less than 24 hours notice, there were 18 comments into the public record against spending taxpayer money on a frivolous lawsuit from residents of Onondaga County. And this doesn’t include the emails and calls people made directly to their legislator.

There were 10 comments in support of the lawsuit but here are some interesting notes about these comments. Three of them did not live in Onondaga County and every comment in favor of the lawsuit was a Republican. Most were elected officials from the towns, on the Republican committee or Republican election commissioners.

Although comments against out numbered the comments for using taxpayer money for an expensive lawsuit the resolution passed after a strictly party-line vote by the Republican dominated legislature. With gerrymandered maps and 30% turnout, Republican county legislators know they do not need to listen to their constituents.

Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators.

View submitted public comments: starts on page 32 – 83

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Following Elected Officials Against Moving Local Elections to Even Years & Support Spending taxpayer dollars on a frivolous lawsuit.

  • Susan LaFex, Town of Geddes Supervisor
  • Joe Bick, Town of Clay
  • Deborah Magaro-Dolan, Town of Clay Councilor
  • Robert Ortt, 62nd Senator, Senate Minority Leader
  • John Mahar, Town of Onondaga
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