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Congressional Stakeouts to Save Health Care

We have 18 days to save our health care.

Last week, Paul Ryan unveiled the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act—a proposal that would tear away health care from tens of millions of people, defund Planned Parenthood, destroy Medicaid, and raise insurance premiums for most people by $1500.

This Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17, NY 24th District constituents are holding vigil around the clock at Rep. John Katko’s Syracuse office, as part of a national action (info below) to let Katko know this is a healthcare emergency. 

Republicans know that their plan to take away people’s health care is unpopular. So they’re trying to get it done in the next 18 days, in a rush without proper review or debate. Passing this repeal bill is the GOP’s top legislative priority. But because of opposition both from constituents—on full display at recent town hall meetings with overwhelming turnout and passion-and from their own conservative base, GOP leaders are in a bind.

Here’s a message from Cora True-Frost, who took a shift for all of us:

Syracuse folks, I pass the torch to you–today at Rep. Katko’s office–just show up, drop off your sign, a note, whatever, about the ACA. Take a picture! Be heard for the poor and vulnerable. #stakeout
Beseech Rep. Katko to vote against the ACA reforms. Met a wonderful group of people–a retired school teacher, a retired journalist, and others…including my mom (!) in her last two hours in Syracuse, all of whom care about their fellow human beings. Received expressions of solidarity and encouragement from security guards and policepeople and passersby. One guard told us, “Keep coming, don’t give up!”

If you participated in this action and have experience and/or photos to share, please email Annabel or post to the CNY Solidarity Coalition Facebook page, or Katko Watch/IndivisibleNY24 group.

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