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You belong/ Tú perteneces, by Dalia Shevin

A message from the artist:

welcome-here-by-dalia-shevin-1Hi dear friends and strangers- if you’re looking for a visual way to show the vulnerable people surrounding you (and to remind yourself as well) that their and our precious lives matter, and to make spaces feel a tiny bit safer, here’s a free image to use. Being loving, empathic or even decent has become (even more of) an explicitly radical action. It is of critical importance to bring loving solidarity to the forefront of all that we do.

Ideas for use so far- to put up in homes, business, places of worship and school doors, hide in library books, print large for protest signs, stacks for therapists and social workers to give their clients… I’m sure you will think of so many others, and I would love to hear them.

Please print and distribute freely for any non-commercial use! Attribution should be, Dalia Shevin, 2016, “You belong/ Tú perteneces”  Love always. (Arabic translation soon.)

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