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Fact Sheet: Katko Voting Record

Unacceptable: John Katko enables Trump/Pence/Ryan agenda

Partisan voting record threatens well-being of diverse CNY communities.


  • On the campaign trail and in one-on-one conversations, Katko says he wants to be an independent voice representing all of Central New York.
  • When he first ran for Congress in 2014, he said: “If we want to talk about accountability, there’s no better way to do that than to get out in a public forum and ask questions between people.”


  • In Congress, Katko votes the party line in support of the Trump/Pence/Ryan agenda. According to, from January 1 through April 23, 2017, Katko supported Trump’s position 92% of the time; according to, he supported Speaker Paul Ryan’s position 95% of the time during this same period.
  • These votes have included support for repealing a regulation that blocked gun sales to the mentally ill; repealing a rule that required federal contractors to report labor-law violations; repealing a rule that prevented coal-mining waste from being dumped in streams and rivers; and amending the federal rules of civil procedure to make it harder for workers and consumers to sue corporations.
  • On bills that have not yet come up for vote, Katko has co-sponsored proposals to repeal the estate tax (which benefits only millionaires) and to allow persons with concealed carry permits from any state to bring their guns across state lines (which has strong support from the NRA).


  • Meet with his constituents: Katko has been a member of Congress since January 2015 and has never once held a public town hall meeting in the district.
  • Speak out against President Trump: When Trump issued his MuslimBan executive order in January, Katko made no public statement for 48 hours, then offered tepid criticisms while praising the order’s “intent”; he later said that he “hopes” Trump would consult with Congress before revising the order. When National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned after being implicated in RussiaGate, Katko issued no public call for further investigations and indeed “applauded” the Trump administration for “swiftly” addressing the problem.
  • Support legislation to protect CNY from the Trump/Pence/Ryan agenda: Katko has ignored repeated calls to sign on as co-sponsor of HR 724, which would nullify Trump’s MuslimBan executive order; HR 804, which would remove Steve Bannon and other political advisers from the National Security Council; and HR 305, which would mandate disclosure of the President’s tax returns. Four Republican members have co-sponsored the latter bill, but not John Katko.


  • Call Rep. Katko’s offices @ 202-225-3701 (D.C.), 315-423-5657 (Syracuse), or 315-253-4068 (Auburn).
  • Join the CNY Solidarity Coalition. We meet most Sundays at 3pm, and all are welcome.
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