CNY Solidarity Coalition

United in defense of our community and our neighbors

Picnic Day!

We’ve done a lot of great work in our community and now it’s time to have a little picnic fun with all your friends and supporters of the Coalition!

We will gather in the Thornden Park Grove on July 22nd at 12pm. Please bring chairs or blankets or anything else if you want them to sit on. There is plenty of grass to sit on as well. There is also plenty of sunny open area for playing in, hula hoops, drum circle, frisbees, etc. Bring your toys and come out and play! Don’t forget the sun screen, just in case!

All members of the Coalition and their significant others, families, and friends are welcome. Bring your people to meet the Coalition people! Please let us know how many people you will bring to the picnic!

Food & Supplies:
Please let us know, no later than July 15, what you will bring to the picnic! We will need all dishes – main dishes, salads, fruit, snacks, drinks. It is likely the Coalition will provide the cutlery, cups, paper products and ice. We will keep the group posted on what is being brought as we get closer to the picnic.
(Note – there are no glass containers allowed and no alcohol allowed in the park.)

We encourage musicians & drummers in the Coalition to come and play some tunes with the group if you’re interested! Maybe we can have a drum circle? Picnic games (frisbees, etc) are always welcome. Please let us know what you can bring in instruments or games!

Clean up:
Please let us know if you can stick around for a bit after the picnic to help clean up and leave this lovely park in the best shape possible.

Let’s celebrate our hard work together!

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