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Tell Trump NO!

The United States is a democratic republic in which the people have a voice in making the laws that govern them, and their leaders are subject to that law just as the people themselves are. This is what distinguishes our system of government from a monarchy or dictatorship. When the executive is suspected of misdeeds, our system allows for independent investigators to examine the evidence and determine whether there are grounds to suspect criminal wrongdoing. If such grounds are found to exist, our system of checks and balances allows for the courts or Congress to take action against a wayward executive.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller is conducting such an investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign engaged in collusion with the government of Russia to influence the 2016 election, and whether members of the administration have obstructed justice in their efforts to cover up any such wrongdoing.

President Trump has repeatedly indicated that he wishes to put a stop to this legitimate and legal investigation. Should he attempt to close down the investigation by firing Mr. Mueller, granting pre-emptive pardons to immunize Trump associates under investigation, or to grant open-ended pardons to himself or close family members, President Trump will be seeking to place the presidency above the law. In so doing, he would undermine the foundational principles of our democratic republic and would bring about the most grave constitutional crisis since Watergate.

In the event that President Trump takes one or more of these actions, The Central New York Solidarity Coalition calls on community members and groups concerned about this threat to our democratic republic to join us in emergency action. If need be we will gather at the Hanley Federal Building in Syracuse at a day and time to be announced to voice our opposition and defend our democratic republic from this threat.

Join us. Tell Trump NO!

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