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Action Alerts – Week of Sept 18th

CNY Solidarity Coalition members and supporters:
Please find below the weekly action alerts from our legislative action team.

The House of Representatives is on recess again this week. That means Rep. Katko is (or should be) in the district. If anyone is aware of planned public appearances, please send them our way.

Top priority this week is phone calls opposing the Graham-Cassidy bill (aka TrumpCare 3.0). We’ll be calling Senators Schumer and Gillibrand on this issue today, and then running a call relay to Rep. Katko on Friday. Please click here to sign up for a specific time on Friday when you’ll place your call.


Monday (Sept 18)

One phone-calling action and two educational events today

Calls to Schumer & Gillibrand on Graham-Cassidy bill (aka TrumpCare 3.0)

Reports indicate that Senate Republicans are lining up a vote on the latest version of TrumpCare for the week of Sept. 25. Some reports indicate that Sen. McCain supports this version, and if it passes the Senate, the House will likely take it up ASAP. Today, we’re asking you to call our Democratic Senators and urge them to once again slow down Senate business in an effort to prevent a vote. Because of complicated Senate procedural rules, the GOP has a deadline of Sept. 30 to pass any version of TrumpCare with a simple majority vote; after that, they would need 60 votes. We’ll be calling Rep. Katko on this issue later in the week, but for now, our ask is for Democratic Senators to kill this bill if they can. For recommended phone-calling talking points on the run-out-the-clock strategy, click here. Sen. Schumer is at 202-224-6542 or 315-423-5471; Sen. Gillibrand at 202-224-4451 or 315-448-0470.

If you’re curious for more policy details, the Graham-Cassidy bill would convert federal health care funding to block grants, and New York would lose about $19 billion (with a B). Nationwide, an estimated 32 million people would lose coverage. It would end federal protections regarding pre-existing conditions, life-time caps, and essential health benefits. It would cut funding for reproductive health services. And it would likely produce a 20% spike in private health insurance premiums. More details here, here and here.


Two events tonight

Roving Teach-In on the Trump Administration and the Constitution

6:30-8pm @ Palmyra Community Library, 402 E Main St, Palmyra, New York 14522


The 2018 U$ Budget: For War, or Justice? What Does It Mean To Us?

7-9pm @ ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave in Syracuse

Community forum, film, and discussion of the 2018 military budget, hosted by CNY Solidarity and Syracuse Peace Council.


Tuesday (Sept 19)

One phone call, plus CNY Solidarity meeting tonight

Support Immigrant Protection Act in Onondaga County

Please call your Onondaga County legislator and after expressing your gratitude that the county legislature voted unanimously to end the use of solitary confinement on 16 & 17 year-olds, urge your legislator to learn how two sister counties in NYS, Westchester and Tompkins, have adopted policies to protect their undocumented immigrant communities. Ask your legislator to support this legislation in Onondaga County. Undocumented immigrants in NYS contribute $40 Billion to our economy and pay $1 Billion in taxes. Much of our produce is harvested by them and the dairy industry depends on their labor.  Please protect immigrant families from being split apart and productive community members from being detained and possibly deported.

To find your county legislator, go to and then click on 2012 District Maps (on the left-hand side of the page). Find your home on the map, identify your district #, then find the name and phone number for your legislator:


CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting

7-8:30pm at Bishop Harrison Center, 1342 Lancaster Ave in Syracuse


Wednesday (Sept 20)

One phone call today

Continue pressuring Rep. Katko for a clean DREAM Act

We rallied at Rep. Katko’s office two weeks ago to support immigrant youth and their families affected by Pres. Trump’s recent decision to repeal the DACA program. Since then, Katko has signed on as co-sponsor of H.R. 1468 – Recognizing America’s Children Act. This is a Republican bill that does not provide adequate protections for Dreamers. Please call Katko’s office today and urge him to support H.R. 3440, the Dream Act of 2017. This bill has four Republican co-sponsors, two of whom signed on just last week, but Katko isn’t one of them. More detailshere. As always, Katko’s numbers are 202-225-3701 (DC)  315-423-5657 (Syracuse), 315-253-4068(Auburn).


Thursday (Sept 21)

Two informational meetings/events tonight in Syracuse

Meeting w/ Terry Gipson, potential gubernatorial candidate

6pm @ Center for Peace & Social Justice, 2013 E. Genesee St in Syracuse

Our state legislative action team (SLAT) has scheduled a meeting with Terry Gipson, who is considering a primary challenge to Governor Cuomo. Attendees will meet ahead of time at 5:45 to plan an agenda. Email if you plan to attend.


Uplift Syracuse—Launch Party & Fundraiser

6-9pm @ Munjed’s, 503-505 Westcott St in Syracuse

Uplift Syracuse is a progressive advocacy group (with which many CNY Solidarity members are involved) working to create a more equitable city by supporting social justice efforts throughout the surrounding region. It is developing a grassroots network to push for changes we hope to see in New York—including single payer healthcare, renewable energy, increased educational funding and equality, housing and economic justice, and reversing the trends in urban segregation. Live Music from: Elaine DermadyDestynee RainesBen BlujusRyan VendettiIrv Lyons Jr.Edgar Pagan, Joe Driscoll and many more!! Artwork from: Thomas Wardthird & Artwork By Jaleel Campbell, and Cayetano Valenzuela.


Friday (Sept 22)

Call relay to Rep. Katko on Graham-Cassidy bill (aka TrumpCare 3.0)

Today, please call Rep. Katko’s Syracuse office (315-423-5657) and urge him to issue a public statement of opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill. Before you do so, please click here to sign up for a specific time today when you’ll place your call; after you do so, please go to that same link and type a brief note indicating whom you spoke with and what he/she said. If you have any trouble accessing the Google Sheet, just email me with your preferred time, or if all else fails, just place the call whenever you can. More calls are always better. Again, if you’re curious for more policy details, click here, here or here.


Saturday and Sunday (Sept 23-24)

No recommended actions today (until further notice!). Enjoy the weekend with friends and family.


Save the date for these upcoming events:

Tue., Sept 26, 7-9pm: “The Art of the Murky Deal: Russian Gangsterism & the Trump Presidency,”OCC Storer Auditorium, sponsored by Rise Up CNY and OCC Politics Club

Thur., Sept 28, 1pm: SLAT meeting with Gov. Cuomo’s area rep, Colleen Deacon, and the governor’s Director of Upstate Affairs, Jessica Decerce, at the Center for Peace and Social Justice. Email if you’d like to attend.

Sun., Oct. 1, 3-5pm: CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting, Bishop Harrison Center at All Saints Church

Wed., Oct 4, 12-1pm: Rally at Katko’s Office Against GOP Tax Giveaways

Mon., Oct 16, 6-8pm: Screening and discussion of From the Ground Up: Economic Growth Powered by Community Strengths, Southwest Community Center, 401 South Ave in Syracuse.


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