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The Coalition’s Role in Electoral Politics: A Discussion

As many of you know, a conversation began over the summer about whether or not CNY Solidarity Coalition can and should endorse candidates for office. Some active members would like to see this happen, with the immediate goal of supporting two “homegrown” candidates who have announced they are running for office. Other members would rather see CNY Solidarity remain non-partisan and issue-focused. A committee formed with the goal of preparing a proposal for the larger Coalition to consider, however we soon realized there were too many conflicting opinions for a cohesive proposal to emerge.

After taking some time to reflect, we convened for some very productive discussion. Our goal became to scale that discussion to the larger organization. This has two parts:

  1. pooling and reflecting on the many concerns and considerations that should be held in mind as we move forward to make some hefty strategic decisions that will have far-reaching and lasting effects in our organization and community, and possibly further than that; these concerns and considerations can often be thought of as “pros and cons” but we discovered there are some items that may belong on both lists
  2. pooling and reflecting on a list of ways the Coalition may become involved in electoral politics; this includes facets of what “endorsing a candidate” may entail, as well as other electoral activities (including many ways we already are) that do not involve endorsing particular candidates.

We are bringing this discussion to the Sunday February 11 meeting, and we also want to be sure to open it up to members who may not be able to attend that meeting. We realize the large meetings are not an accessible point of access for all, and we value inclusivity.

Below are two forms we created one on pros & cons and the other on ways we could participate. We need your input for the Electoral committee to create and present a proposal(s) for the coalition on this subject at a future meeting. There is also room for additional comments and concerns in each form. If you are attending the meeting on Sunday February 11 please do not fill out the surveys online. We will be distributing them to everyone at the meeting.

Here is a video of Sunday’s meeting. The meeting was mostly small group discussion but you can hear some of the discussions below.

These forms will be open until February 18 at 5PM.

Pros & Cons

Ways to Participate in Electoral Politics

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