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The election of new and returning Coordinating Committee members will be held at the next full CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting on June 20 at 7:00 pm (Park Central Presbyterian Church, 504 E. Fayette St., Syracuse).

Since the number of candidates is fewer than the agreed on number of 8-10, a proposal will be made at the meeting to vote in the slate rather than voting on individual candidates. Members who cannot make the June 20 meeting can vote for individual candidates or all candidates via email. Please send your email to the Nominating Committee ( by noon on June 20. Please respond to those addresses, not to this email. 

Candidate statements are below.

Thank you!

Nominating Committee (Ellen Somers, Becky Howard, Deborah Rose)


June 2018 Coordinating Committee Election Candidate Statements

Maurice Brown

My name is Maurice Brown. I’m an organizer with Uplift Syracuse. I’m the Field Director for Shadia Tadros’ City Court Judge Campaign. I volunteer on Rachel May’s State Senate Campaign. I’m a student at SU where I major in Communications and Rhetoric Studies. I am a veteran of the United States Army. I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders’ President Campaign for the 24th Congressional District. I’m a member of the Coalition’s SLAT team and am eager to be more involved.


Marianna Kaufman

I am seeking a second consecutive term on the coordinating committee of the coalition. At this time I publish the weekly community outreach calendar and have facilitated recent coalition meetings emphasizing working on community involvement. The coalition faces many challenges. If we are to grow, we must embrace that there will always be change. We must each accept our own responsibility in bringing about positive change within ourselves, our organizations, in local political levels and beyond.  At this time, I find myself capable and interested in continuing to help the coalition grow in whatever ways are available to me – as a coordinating committee member or as a member involved in publishing the weekly community outreach event calendar. I am increasingly looking for ways to build bridges within the community. At this time I also sit on the steering committee of the Syracuse Peace Council. I look forward to serving another term if elected.


Dick Kornbluth

I am a Syracuse resident and a retired Home Performance contractor (Home Performance contracting treats the house as a system providing energy efficiency upgrades that address issues of comfort, health, safety and building durability). I have been active in CNY Solidarity since January, 2017. I currently serve on the Pledge and Legal committees and have been working actively with Peter McCarthy to organize and integrate the CNY Solidarity databases and create procedures to ensure that all people who have signed up either online or at events are put on the Solidarity information distribution lists. My main interest is to work to make CNY Solidarity a sustainable organization that will be a force for justice for the long haul.


Linda Malik

My first act of civil disobedience took place in the second grade when I refused to say the pledge of allegiance. Dragged by my ear to the principal’s office when I wouldn’t comply, I was forced to explain that I could not ally myself to a country that both allowed and perpetrated the many injustices I saw around me. Therefore, saying it is a lie. I have not said the pledge since. That day, one form of democracy–freedom of expression–won. But we all know this and other freedoms are not rights granted to EVERY person. Thus began my keen awareness of systemic oppression and breaches of power, along with my commitment to address the issues of racism, classism, economic disparities, inequality, criminal justice reform, environmental justice and more over many decades. Within the last 11 years, I have undertaken a good deal of training on my own white privilege/supremacy. Through that education I have acknowledged MY role in maintaining this country’s embedded system of horrendous discrimination, marginalization and intolerance. While I have always considered myself a good and fair-minded person, it took these trainings for me to understand that justice for ALL can only be achieved when white people acknowledge our complicity in sustaining these unjust systems, and then commence to repair them. It is just one form of reparation, but a critical one. It is deeply humbling and challenging work, but necessary if we truly expect to create a just and fair world for ALL PEOPLE. I strive to bring my experience and education to help foster the CNY Solidarity Coalition to become an effective agent of change in its efforts.

Peter McCarthy

I have been involved in CNY Solidarity since January 2017 and have served on the Coordinating Committee since last July. I have also been involved in the following efforts:

  • Development of policies: Purview, Financial Procedures, Coordinating Committee Selection, Legal Structure, ByLaws, Nonviolence Action Principles.
  • Working on cleanup of mailing lists and development of procedures for data entry and maintenance.
  • Initiated and assisted with Campaign Workshop.
  • Developed reference documents: Coalition Decisions, Communications Lists, etc.
  • Communications Committee member.

I look forward to continuing this work as a Coordinating Committee member for another term.


Pat Reynolds

I am a retired HR Manager. I’ve lived in the Syracuse area for many decades. My background includes key positions in both non-profit and for-profit companies for the past 40 years. I have been a member of CNYSC since March 2017. I am a member of the Rapid Response Team; OGs against Gun Violence; and the Men’s Group at MMU. I have an MSOD from American University in Washington DC. I am now committed more than ever to push back against white privilege by participating in organizations who embrace this issue on many levels. I think I can help focus CNYSC in this effort.


Paul Weichselbaum

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve on the Coordinating Committee since January 2018. These six months have been challenging as we continue to develop our identity, procedures, and perspectives as an organization. In several ways we have failed to live up to our high sense of purpose. We clearly need to understand much better how to be reliable and trusted allies. I am asking for the opportunity to serve for a second term because I believe I can contribute to our positive development. Thank you.

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