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Action Alerts – Week of May 20th

CNY Solidarity members and supporters:

Please find below the weekly ACTION ALERTS from Indivisible NY24 and our legislative action teams. 

Today (May 20) 

Two calling actions today

Call your Members of Congress (MoCs), Tell them to prevent a new war with Iran.

Trump and his war cabinet are dialing up the escalations to a 10, including deploying additional military force to the region.  Noted war enthusiast, John Bolton, has called this a “clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime” in response to secret, ill-defined “threats.”  MoCs can co-sponsor H.R. 2354/ S. 1039 to explicitly deny Trump the authority he needs to start a new war.  More information and script for call  here.

Support Green Light NY

Call Assembly member Magnarelli’s office (315-428-9651) today or tomorrow to thank him for his continued support and co-sponsorship of the Green Light bill (A03675/S1747), and to ask a guarantee that the bill makes it onto the Transportation Committee agenda. The Transportation Committee will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, May 21st, the same day the Green Light Coalition will be present in Albany.  

The following is a brief script that you may use: 

Call Script: 

Hello, my name is _______________ and I am calling to thank Assembly member Bill Magnarelli for his leadership and support of “Green Light NY” bill to restore access to driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers. I urge Assembly member Bill Magnarelli to advance (A03675/S1747) by adding it to the Transportation Committee Agenda scheduled for Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 in Albany, which has strong support in the Assembly and should be voted on as soon as possible. Can we count on Assembly member Magnarelli to put the Green Light Bill (A03675/S1747) on Tuesday, May 21st, Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda?” 

Tuesday (May 21)

One action in Albany and several events in the evening

Green Light Albany Day of Action

10:00 AM -3:00 PM, downtown Albany

More information and Sign-up here, and map.

Syracuse Common Council Committee on Independent Redistricting

5:00-6:00 PM at Common Council Chambers, 3rd Floor City Hall.   From our friends at FairMapsCNY and United Democrats of Onondaga County.

Great news! Helen Hudson, President of the Syracuse Common Council, has called a Charter Change Committee Meeting for May 21, 2019. She will be taking testimony and public comment on changing Section 3 of the Syracuse City Charter. The language being proposed is to mandate that the Syracuse Common Council set up an “Independent Non-Partisan Redistricting Commission”. 

The Charter Change will then be voted on by the Syracuse Common Council on the June 3rd Council meeting, a hearing will be hosted by the Mayor’s office sometime in June, then it will be transmitted to the Board of Elections by July 8th to be placed on the 2019 General Election Ballot. 

It will be important for the Council to hear from activists and citizens that they want Syracuse to be the first city East of the Mississippi to enact true independent Non-partisan redistricting. Please plan on showing up and making your voice heard.    More information here

Owned: A Tale of Two Americas

6:30–9:00 PM, Henninger High School, 600 Robinson St, Syracuse, NY 13206, USA (map)

Presented as part of The Gifford Foundation “What If…” Film Series.  In partnership with Legal Services of Central New York, CNY Fair Housing, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Onondaga County Bar Association, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the WHJ Minority Bar Association of Central New York.

How many of us know the dark backstory behind the creation of suburbia? This visually rich, energetic film untangles the complex history of homeownership in America. Revealing the roots of its racist underpinnings and the systematic unequal division of opportunity between whites and blacks in the U.S. housing economy, the film demonstrates how racial inequality was institutionalized in the postwar U.S. housing market, with effects that continue to reverberate today.

Free and open to the public. Followed by a moderated discussion.
(Also screened will be the short film: Redlining in Syracuse)

How do we get to universal health care for NYS?

6:30-9:00 PM at Palmyra Community Library, 402 E. Main St. 14522. From our friends at Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County.  The NY Health Care Act promises guaranteed health care for every New Yorker. Special Guest speaker, Susan Beckley from Campaign for New York Health, will break down this reform now before legislators in Albany. Bring your friends and questions.   More details here

Wednesday (May 22)

No action today (until further notice)

Thursday (May 23)

One action today

Rally for Climate Justice Countdown; Pass the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA)

4:00 PM, 333 East Washington St, Syracuse (State Tower Building).  

New York Renews, a statewide coalition of climate activists, is coordinating a STATE WIDE action to call for the passing of the Climate and Community Protection Act. On May 23rd, there will be rallies all across New York State to push through the CCPA, and we NEED your support at the Central New York rally. It’s time for us to show Albany that Central New Yorkers not only need the CCPA, we demand it. Our futures all depend on it. 

Friday (May 24)

No action today (until further notice)

Saturday (May 25)

National Action Network Syracuse Chapter Weekly Meeting 

10-11 AM, Fountain of Life Church, 700 South Ave, Syracuse National Action Network Syracuse Chapter Weekly Meeting.   map here.

Sunday (May 26)

No action today (until further notice)

Save the date for these upcoming events:

May 31: Voter registration deadline for 2019 primary

May 31, 1 PM:  333 E. Washington St., Syracuse 13202.  Rally for passage of A.05030/S.02892-A, a bill to prohibit evictions without good cause and prevent raising rents unfairly.  Join the Working Families Party along with Citizen Action and other partners in the Upstate/Downstate Housing Alliance to call on NYS legislators to pass this bill.

Wed, Jun 5:  Call Rep. Katko to urge him to co-sponsor the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which he already has stated he may co-sponsor.  We are hoping to get more Republican co-sponsors so this will have partisan support.  More information  here.

Sun, Jun 9: CNY Solidarity meeting. 3-5pm at Bishop Harrison. 

Sun, Jun 23: CNY Solidarity will not meet this weekend.  We encourage folks to pitch in with one or more campaigns for Tuesday’s primary.

June 25: ELECTION DAY. Primary election for local and county offices

June 26-27: Televised 2020 Democratic Primary Debates on both evenings. 

  • Phoenix Building, 2 South Street, Auburn. 9-11 PM both evenings.  More information to follow.
  • If anyone knows of other plans for watch parties, please keep us posted.

July 21: CNY Solidarity meeting. 3-5pm, location TBD. 

July 30-31: Televised 2020 Democratic Primary Debates on both evenings. If anyone knows of plans for watch parties, please keep us posted.

Aug 11: CNY Solidarity meeting. 3-5pm, location TBD.

Sept 8: CNY Solidarity meeting. 3-5pm, location TBD. 

Oct 11: Voter registration deadline for 2019 general election

SAT, OCT 26, 2019:  9:00AM TO 2:00PM:  Early voting!

SUN, OCT 27, 2019: 9:00AM TO 2:00PM:   Early voting!

MON, OCT 28, 2019: 9:00AM TO 5:00PM:   Early voting!

TUE, OCT 29, 2019:  12:00PM TO 8:00PM:  Early voting!

WED, OCT 30, 2019:  12:00PM TO 8:00PM: Early voting!

THU, OCT 31, 2019:  7:00AM TO 3:00PM:    Early voting!

FRI, NOV 1, 2019:     7:00 AM TO 3:00PM:   Early voting!

SAT, NOV 2, 2019: 9:00AM TO 2:00PM:       Early voting!

SUN, NOV 3, 2019: 9:00AM TO 2:00PM: Early voting!

Nov 5ELECTION DAY. General election for local and county offices

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