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Community Outreach Events Calendar: June 9 – 16

From CNY Solidarity Coalition:

Next Meeting: Sunday June 14, 3-4 PM. Zoom link will be sent.

Agenda: How do we Support the Protests? With local protestors speaking

We may be experiencing the most significant social change movement of the last 50 years. (When did you last see progressive demonstrations in Chittenango? Manlius? Camillus? Fayetteville? Skaneateles?) The young people leading this movement are committed, passionate, and brilliant, and they are right. They understand the connections in the class and race struggle that has been going on since the foundation of this country. They are going to change it. They will not stop.  We owe them our support. If you can’t march, send money (below), send letters to the media, talk to your neighbors, work on campaigns. Follow local legislation (Syracuse Common Council,…) and call your legislators. 

CNY Solidarity Coalition is providing support to the current protests, which are continuing for 40 days. The Coordinating Committee may authorize the use of all donations from our website during this period to support the protestors. Please consider donating. Since this is an ongoing action, consider a weekly contribution. Or see links below to donate directly – either way works. We will provide either funds or food and other needs, depending on our capabilities. If you can shop, deliver, or help coordinate this effort,

Articles of the week:

CNY suburbs rally against racial injustice: ‘Never shut up’

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday in Camillus and Manlius in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

What have these protests accomplished so far? 

(Here are the first few lines from the list, which continues for another page)

5/26 Four officers fired for murdering George Floyd
5/28 U of M cancels contract with police
5/28 Third Precinct police station neutralized by protestors
5/28 ATU Local 1005 refuses to bring police officers to protests, or transport arrested protesters
5/29 Activists commandeer hotel to provide shelter to homeless
5/29 Officer Chauvin who killed Floyd arrested
5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants in response to polices 3/12
5/30 US Embassies across Africa condemn police murder of Floyd
5/30 MN Attorney General Ellison takes over prosecution of the murdering officer
5/30 TWU Local 100 bus operators refuse to transport arrests protestors
5/31 2 abusive officers fired for pulling a couple out of car and tasing them
6/1 Minneapolis public schools end contract with police
6/1 Confederate Monument removed – Birmingham, AL
6/1 CA prosecutors launch campaign to stop DA’s from accepting police union money

And on for many more lines…..

I Cover Cops as an Investigative Reporter. Here Are Five Ways You Can Start Holding Your Department Accountable.

Police culture can be insular and tough to penetrate, but the public can hold law enforcement accountable. Here are important methods and context you need to know.

Performative Allyship Is Deadly (Here’s What to Do Instead)

Challenge yourself to do things quietly, like changing the things you buy, giving your platform to a BIPOC, or educating yourself on the history of racism without telling everyone about how educated you now are. That way, you know you’re really down for the cause — and not the cause of looking like a woke person.

Critical Reminders:

 Complete Census Form here:

VOTE!!!All registered Democrats in Onondaga County should have received an Application for Absentee Ballot for the June 23 primary.  


Every Day: Protest March 

Generally start at 2 PM, meeting at ITC (Old Central Tech) at 1:30. CheckFacebook:

Social Justice Tuesday! Today! Noon in front of May Memorial church.

Bring your signs, wear your mask.

We will be standing in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the country.

Coronavirus @ Work 

Series by Occupational Health Clinical Center: Healthy Work in the Pandemic

Tuesday June 9, 2020    2:00pm – 5:00pm  Presented by: Jeanette Zoeckler/OHCC

Meeting ID: 942 3962 4270

Sign-making: Demilitarize the Police!

Tuesday, June 9; 6:30-8 PM

Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice

2013 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, New York 13210

Join us to make signs for our Wednesday press conference(see below)

“Vote For Our Lives” virtual rally Details

Tuesday, June 9th, 7PM ET

The Declaration for American Democracy and the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights are holding a virtual rally event featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi, voting rights leader Reverend Barber and labor and civil rights legend Dolores Huerta to talk about the need for swift action from Congress to secure our right to safely vote in our elections and the solutions that will allow us to do just that.  RSVP and invite your friends to this important event today!

Press Conference: Demilitarize the Police

Wednesday, June 10 12PM City Hall Steps

Syracuse Peace Council and Pan African Community of Central New York

We demand that State, County and City officials reject the call by Mr. Trump to deploy active military into communities. We call for an urgent cut in the military budget so that the money can go to the millions of people who have lost their jobs. We support passing the amendment to the NDAA to cancel the 1033 program which distributes military equipment to police agencies.. 

NLG Legal Observer Training

Wednesday, June 10 – 12 PM – 2 PM

Public · Hosted by National Lawyers Guild Buffalo

Lead Poisoning Hearing

Neighborhood Preservation Committee, Syracuse Common Council

Wednesday, June 10, 2020at 5:30 p.m via WebEx.

The purpose of this meeting is to gather relevant information and public input on the proposed amendment entitled “Lead Abatement and Control”, to allow Code Enforcement to test and properly cite appropriate violations of the presence of lead in dwelling units. 

WebEx Meeting Link   If prompted, password is: kX6p5CgZG7V 

Dial-In Option: 1-408-418-9388 Access Code: 129 118 9280 

Directions for Public Input: 

– All speakers will be given two minutes to address the Common Council. 

– To sign up in advance email James Conroy at and list your name and address. 

– If you decide to speak during the meeting, notify James Conroy – by using the ‘Chat Button’, and provide your name and address. 

– Written statements may be submitted by email at  

Concerns from: Families for Lead Freedom Now, DSA, and Legal Services

1.    Prevent Avoidable Tragedy: The current Ordinance requires a landlord to fix lead hazards in only the apartment where a Codes inspection has been done. Shouldn’t we require an inspection, and remediation, of all units of a rental house if just one unit turns up with lead hazards that have poisoned a precious child?

2.    Standards for Housing of Displaced Residents: The proposed lead ordinance states that “Occupants shall be relocated during hazard reduction activities ….” What will be the standards for this “relocation”? Will the re-location be lead-free? Will it be safe and healthy for the family?

3.    Warning Signs in Primary Language and Universal Pictorial Depictions: The Ordinance should clearly require landlords to inform residents in the residents’ own language.

4.    Stop Playing Games: Lower the “Lead Dust Clearance Levels” for Window Wells to 100. Currently, HUD requires all lead-hazard work that uses HUD money to pass lead-dust wipe clearance standard levels of less than 10 / 100 /100. However, in the Syracuse Ordinance, the City proposes uses a more dangerous clearance standard of 10 / 100 / 400 – making the window wells less safe than they could be. 

Protect Our Vote: Car & Bike Caravan

Thursday, June 11, 11AM

James M. Hanley Federal Building · Syracuse, NY

CNY Solidarity Coalition and Indivisible NY24

We know that communities most impacted by voter suppression efforts are communities of color and that elections not only dictate the President of the United States but also County Sheriffs and District Attorneys – the same people in charge of policing communities and seeing out justice.
That’s why now more than ever, we need to push for solutions that enable all people to safely access the vote and voter registration. 

CuseYouthBLM Protest

Friday, June 12, 4:15 pm in Clinton Square


Chittenango community B.L.M march.

Chittenango, NY

Conversation in the Garden: Food Systems To Support Healthy Communities

Saturday June 13, 2020 at 2:30-3:45 PMfor an intimate conversation ! Let’s start creating solutions together.

The Brady Farm: A project of the Brady Faith Center, we are an urban farm striving to feed bodies, minds and souls in our community. We use organic methods to grow vegetables and fruits on 5 acres of vacant land in Syracuse.




SUNDAY, June 14 AT 2 PM

Facing Racism: Press Event and Rally

Beard Park · Fayetteville, NY

The Councilors of the Town of Manlius who are supporting policy reform at the state and local level are holding a press event and rally to discuss specific legislation they’d like to see signed into law. 

This will be followed by a series of speakers who will address how systemic racism as come to exist in communities like Manlius and how we can work together to address it. Topics include policing, housing policy, banking/lending and education.

Street Heat – Weekly Protests are back with Physical Distancing!

HANCOCK: our decade-long protests against Hancock’s piloting killer reaper drones over the Islamic oil lands are resuming.  6000 East Molloy Rd every Tuesday from 4:15 to 5 p.m. 

DEWITT: Weekly protest against IDF terrorism, maiming and killing of Palestinians. Fridays 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. at Erie Blvd E and E Genesee, Dewitt. Park in the nearby mini-mall parking lot. 

            REGIONAL FARMERS MARKET: anti-weaponized drones/anti-militarism protest: 9 to 9:45 a.m Saturdays . directly across from the market’s main entrance on Park Street.

HOW TO HELP: Volunteer or Donate

Local Protest Groups, Donation Links:


Last Chance for Change

Black Lives Matter Syracuse

OG’s Against Gun Violence

National Groups: Here’s Where You Can Donate to HelpProtests Against Police Brutality. Links to Bail funds, legal aid, and other organizations working to help activists seeking justice for George Floyd and other victims of police violence

For exampleActBlue: Split a donation between 39 community bail funds

Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network(SIRDN): fund to

support undocumented workers and familiesDONATE HERE

Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network

Political/Electoral Actions, Donations 

Ready to Flip the Senate this Year? Indivisible’s Payback Projectisout to do just that! This would be a great place to put your stimulus check to work! 

Dana Balter for Congress: We need a progressive voice representing us in Congress, instead of someone who endorses Donald Trump for President!


Also see COVID19 InfoBelow

SIRDN Covid19 Warm Line: (315) 552-1670

Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network(SIRDN)  Coronavirus-related information for farmworker, immigrant,  undocumented, day laborer, and domestic worker communities. English and Spanish-speaking operators. Text and phone.

SIRDN has also created a resource document for COVID-19 information, for immigrants and undocumented folks in NY and their allies. When possible, we included both English and Spanish versions. Or you can use these instructions to have Google translate the page.


If you do not have a doctor and have questions, symptoms, or may have been exposed to COVID-19, call Upstate University Hospital’s Triage Line at 315.464.397

Assistance connecting with health and human services: call 211 or

Onondaga County Coronaviris Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information Page

COVID-19 Testing Hotline:

Upstate University Hospital Regional Triage (COVID-19) Information Page

NYS Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page

Johns Hopkins – Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) webpage.

New York Attorney General Coronavirus Resources and Warnings

FCC Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips

FTC Coronavirus Scam Information

NYS Free Mental Health Hotline: 1-844-863-9314

Onondaga County Meals Help Line for Onondaga County: 315-218-1987

Madison County Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 315-366-2327

Oneida County Mental Health Hotline: 1-800-678-0888

Oneida County COVID-019 Hotline: 315-798-5431

Oneida County Family and Community Services Helpline: 315-798-5439 
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