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Action Alerts – Week of November 23

NY Solidarity members and supporters:
Please find below the weekly ACTION ALERTS from Indivisible NY24.

Almost three weeks have passed since the election, and President Trump has yet to concede to president-elect Joe Biden.  What should have been a smooth process to transition planning is being blocked by Trump and his allies in a possible coup attempt, or perhaps a last autocratic and narcissistic attempt to cause pain to the American people as he heads out the door.  We are encouraged by the election numbers and the restraint of many state election professionals, but we cannot be complacent about the outcome of this election.  On Monday, and each day this week, we ask you to contact Rep. John Katko to have him publicly declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election. 

Another important issue for our democracy is redistricting – New York State and federal.    Redistricting happens only every 10 years, after the US Census.  It impacts our NYS Assembly and Senate seats, and our US Congressional seats (And, after the 2020 US Census, New York State is expected to lose 1 congressional seat because of estimate population loss), so redistricting this year is very important.  The NYS Redistricting Commission will hold a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, November 24 at 4:00 pm.  Please see Tuesday’s CNY Solidarity Coalition Coordinating Events Newsletter on Tuesday, Nov. 24 for detail about the 4:00 meeting, especially how to access.

Today (Nov 23)

CHOOSE DEMOCRACY: John Katko must support our election process and acknowledge Biden’s election

Today and every day this week, please call Rep. Katko’s office to demand that he publicly support our free and fair election process and to acknowledge Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.  As a leader, and our Member of Congress, it is his responsibility to model respect for the electoral process.  John Katko’s silence on this topic is unacceptable; it actively threatens a peaceful transition. 

Call John Katko’s office at (202) 225-3701 (DC office) or (315) 423-5657 (Syracuse office).

A possible script:  “I am a constituent of Representative Katko in [town]. I am calling to demand that Representative Katko publicly recognize Joe Biden as president-elect, and that he call upon his constituents and fellow Republican leaders to acknowledge that the election has been carried out as it should have been, votes have been counted, there is no evidence of concerted, organized voter fraud, and it is time to begin the peaceful transition of power. This is not a question of who each of us would prefer to be the president; this is a question of ensuring the stability and resilience of our democracy.”

Tuesday (Nov 24)

4:00 pm:  NYS Redistricting Town Hall meeting:

NY State Redistricting Committee is extremely important to redistricting for NYS senate and assembly district PLUS federal congressional districts.

Further information about accessing this meeting will be available from CNY Solidarity’s Coordinating Coalition Events Newsletter sent to you each Tuesday by Peter McCarthy.

Wednesday (Nov 25)

Again, please call John Katko’s office this morning if Trump has not conceded. (see action at Monday, Nov 23)

Thursday (Nov 26)

Celebrate this day of rest and rejoicing: Happy Thanksgiving!   Enjoy good cheer with family and friends…  Preferably in small batches.


 Friday (Nov 27) –  Sun (Nov 28)  

Still the refreshing season. Nothing for these days (at this time)

Save the date for these upcoming events:

Tues., Dec 1, 1 pm: Onondaga County Legislature meeting, via Facebook.  Meeting agendas are found here.

Sun., Dec 6, 3-4pm: CNY Solidarity meeting via Zoom.

Sun., Dec 20, 3-4pm: CNY Solidarity meeting via Zoom.

Sun., Jan 10, 3-4pm: CNY Solidarity meeting via Zoom (Annual Meeting).

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