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Action Alerts – Week of January 11

Please find below this week’s action alerts from Indivisible NY24. 

Today (Jan 11)

The House is voting Tuesday  to ask Pence and the cabinet  to remove Trump.   Call Congressman Katko to encourage him to vote for Trump’s removal.  Syracuse Office:  315-423-5657  DC Office: 202-225-3701

Tuesday (Jan 12)

 The House could be voting to impeach Trump as early as Wednesday.  Again, Call Katko to urge him to vote for impeachment and the removal of Trump from office.Wednesday (Jan 13)Indivisible Day of action:  We named this day of action The People Lead because the people delivered a huge victory and defeated Trump and took back the Senate. We’ve earned a mandate to demand transformative change. Join us!

  • Twitter Action–A great virtual option is tweeting from the convenience of your computer or app on your phone!  Indivisible’s twitter team leaders are crafting an easy toolkit to leverage the power of social media.If you need help prepping for the Twitter action, come to either of the “Twitter Study Halls” on 1/12 at 10-11am and 7-8pm
  • LTE Writing Parties–Write about your love for bold democracy reform by raising  awareness in our community about the needs for this reform by writing and submitting LTEs to a local newspaper. 
  • People Lead Rally – Please join us as we rally (masked and socially distanced) to call on Senator Schumer to prioritize democracy in the new Congress: 12:30 – 1 pm at the Hanley Federal Building.   More details here.

Thursday (Jan 14) to Sun (Jan 17)

No action alerts. Hope for good from Congress.

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