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Action Alerts – Week of January 18

Please find below this week’s action alerts from Indivisible NY24. 

Today (Jan 18)

Martin Luther King Day

Day of Action activities

COVID-19 has necessitated that this National Annual Day of Action evolve into something less collective and

more about individual action and local impact. 

Think locally to accomplish actions such as:

              Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk or driveway     

              Assist a neighbor in need

              Help a senior with home repairs

                           …Do these alone or as a group of neighbors

              Donate non-perishable food to a food pantry

              Donate blood at the Red Cross

              Etc., etc., etc.

Other “United We Serve” Day of Actions events can be found at here.

Tuesday (Jan 19)

Senate reconvenes:

House Impeachment:  Call Senators today to demand they vote to convict and disqualify Donald Trump from holding federal office in the future:

Indivisible helps you contact senators Schumer and Gillibrand here.


Wednesday (Jan 20)

                  Morning has broken like the first morning,

              Blackbird have spoken like the first bird,

              Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,

              Praise for them springing fresh from the world.

Noon:  Inauguration of 46th President of the United States Joseph R. Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris

Thursday (Jan 21)

If you haven’t contacted senators about conviction of Trump (see Tuesday Action), please do so today.  Also, contact friends and family in red states.

Fri-Sat (Jan 22-23)

No actions at this time.

Sunday (Jan 24)

Sun., Jan 24, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Save the Date for These Upcoming Events

Sun., Feb., 7, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., Feb. 21, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., Mar. 7, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., Mar. 21, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., Apr. 11, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., Apr. 25, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., May 9, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

Sun., May 23, 3-4 pm: CNY Solidarity Meeting via Zoom

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