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Action Alerts – Week of May 17, 2021

CNY Solidarity members & supporters:

Please find below the weekly legislative ACTION ALERTS from Indivisible NY24.

Nationally, our key focus remains the For the People Act (HR1/S1), the large voting rights, gerrymandering, and ethics reform bill that passed the House earlier this year. We’re also tracking a number of related democracy reform bills, including DC Statehood and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. On May 8, we participated in a national day of action in support of the John Lewis bill. We gathered with 50+ people on the sidewalk outside Wegmans Dewitt with signs supporting all three bills. Everyone mark your calendars for 11am on Sat., July 10, when we’re planning to reprise the action.

Congress will be in recess from July 2-11, then returning to D.C. for the rest of the month, then on recess again for all of August. The legislative staff at national Indivisible tell us that if HR1 is going to have a chance at preventing GOP state legislatures from gerrymandering key House districts for the 2022 midterms, it has to be enacted before the August recess. So it looks like this fight will come to a head in July.

In the meantime, there are some key democracy reform fights going on at the state and local levels as well, but our top priority this week is the New York Health Act. Check the alerts below.

Today (May 17)

Support the NY Health Act Today

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Call State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and urge her to BRING THE NY HEALTH ACT TO A VOTE in the health committee by their last meeting on May 19th. Click here and enter your phone number to be connected:

Tuesday (May 18)

Central New York Healthcare Town Hall

Join State Sen. Rachel May, Mo Brown, and others for a virtual town hall on the NY Health Act. 6-7 pm. RSVP here.

Save the Date for These Upcoming Events

May 28: Voter registration deadline for 2021 primary election. 

June 6: CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-4 p.m. via Zoom.

June 8: Indivisible NY24 meeting, 7-8pm via Zoom

Sat., June 12: People’s Hearing on lead abatement. 12-2pm in front of Syracuse City Hall, 233 E. Washington St.  

June 12-20: In-person early voting for primary election.

Tue., June 22: Election day (2021 primary).

June 27: CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-5 p.m. via Zoom with Breakout Sessions.

Sat., July 10: Democracy reform visibility action. 11am on sidewalk outside Wegmans Dewitt. Bring a sign, and bring a friend.

July 13: Indivisible NY24 meeting, 7-8pm via Zoom.

July 18:   CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-4

Aug. 15:  CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-4

Sept. 12: CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-4pm

Sept. 26: CNY Solidarity Meeting, 3-4pm

Oct. 8: Voter registration deadline for 2021 general election. 

Oct. 23-31: In -person early voting for general election. 

Tue., Nov. 2: Election day (2021 general election). In addition to important races for Onondaga County Legislature, the ballot will include state constitutional amendments to authorize no fault absentee voting and same-day voter registration.

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