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Why climate despair is a luxury

Since the climate emergency is the compelling issue of our time, here’s a suggestion: Read Rebecca Solnit.

Why climate despair is a luxury. Those facing flood and fire can’t afford to lose hope. Neither should we. Read it in The New Statesman. 

“A 2021 study by the Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International (on whose board I serve) documents that, in North America, indigenous-led efforts have in the past decade stopped or delayed what amounts to at least a quarter of US and Canadian greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Proclaiming someone’s or something’s defeat contributes to it. It’s a form of sabotage. This is as true of the climate movement as anything else – in fact, it is bedeviled with defeatists and doomsayers. I remember that we were never going to stop the Keystone XL pipeline – or so said the armchair experts who, by discouraging participation, essentially campaigned for that outcome.”

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