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CNY Solidarity Newsletter: May 30 – June 6, 2023

From CNY Solidarity Coalition

June In- Person Meeting: Primary Candidate Forum

Sunday, June 11 · 3 – 5pm · Bishop Harrison Center

Hear from candidates from Onondaga County District 15, City Auditor & Councilor-At-Large races. Send us questions for the candidates at

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Upcoming Micron Discussions: We have been considering how to hold public discussions of issues related to the coming Micron project, with emphasis on environmental and energy concerns. Suggestions for possible speakers or other proposals? Send to:

See the expanded and organized Micron Resources on our website:


“Greatest Wealth Transfer in History” Is Poised to Further Entrench Inequality

A recent New York Times analysis demonstrates that “we are not taxing the very wealthy enough,” said one professor.

“…with the richest members of the Baby Boomer generation set to pass trillions of dollars in assets on to their descendants — often paying little or nothing in taxes.” Read it on  

Gun Control Is an American Tradition

Courts have struck down limits on gun ownership for domestic abusers, accused felons, and young adults. They’ve overturned bans on guns with shaved-off serial numbers and guns made with 3D printers. All were overturned based on the notion that the U.S. of the 1700s didn’t have gun control.

But Spitzer says that actually, the opposite is true. “It’s difficult to think of any kind of gun law that you can think of today that didn’t exist in some form 150, 200, 300 years ago. In many respects, guns and weapons were more strictly regulated in our first 300 years of history than in the last 30 years.” Read it on

Last week, the Supreme Court gutted the Clean Water Act. Here’s David Driesen’s take:

Sackett v. EPA and the Presumption Against Federal Alteration of the Status Quo

“By converting a bias against change into a canon of statutory interpretation, judges can license themselves to undo changes they disapprove of. And that is precisely what this presumption against alteration of the status quo ante does. It presumes that there is some kind of natural law, or perhaps common law, balance that Congress should be presumed not to have altered.” Read it on

Denial Doesn’t Change Our Climate Reality: Earth Is Becoming a Sacrifice Zone

Communities that have contributed little to the climate crisis are bearing its brunt — but nowhere on Earth is safe.

Read it on


From the Syracuse Immigrant /Refugee Defense Network (SIRDN):

The issues with potential migrant buses arriving in Onondaga County are ongoing, from McMahon’s emergency order (5/18), to NYIC’s response press conference/rally (5/19), to the announcement of an imminent arrival of bus(es) at Candlewood Suites on S. Bay Rd, followed by Town of Salina’s ‘ban’, followed by lawsuits against NYC. SIRDN had a productive and energized meeting last night, with 16 people in attendance, discussing the issues flowing from these events/possible events. Members of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition were also in attendance.

We must call out the officials for their anti-immigrant decisions and the associated disinformation, by speaking up in our networks, writing letters to the editor ( and letters to Ryan McMahon  PLEASE FLOOD THEM with letters. We may not get published, but we will get noticed. Some main points:

  • NYC is funding each migrant they bring here with $300/day for 4 months to pay for food, shelter, case workers and other necessities
  • Catholic Charities, Interfaith Works, SIRDN… we are all “stretched”, but it’s disinformation to say that we won’t stretch MORE in order to help these asylum seekers
  • While SIRDN is also committed to helping migrants entering the US without documentation, the migrants on the buses are people whose asylum claims were heard by the Border Patrol. They have official status as asylum seekers. 
  • Immigrants represent a large chunk of our ‘essential workforce.’  They do many of the jobs that remain unfilled in the US labor market. 
  • The county welcomed Ukrainian and Afghani refugees. Where is the welcome when people are brown or black?
  • The information about long term residents being displaced is unfortunate.  This will, for sure, stir up anti-immigrant sentiment.  There are other solutions to this problem, like talking with the stakeholders about other possible residences/shelters to be created.
  • The sheriff has said he won’t enforce the emergency order
  • Judge Antonacci issued a temporary restraining order, which means that bus arrival is not imminent, but it is not clear when people will arrive. TIME for us and OFFICIALS to get prepared, and WELCOME people.

Here are some letters that have already been published

Call Brandon Williams office! Tell the staffer that you live in Williams district and that you are angry with him voting lock-step with the Republicans to tie the debt ceiling to spending cuts that hurt regular Americans. Tell him that you want him to vote YES if the discharge petition is up for a vote and then to vote YES for increasing the debt ceiling without attachments to reduce spending. Raising the debt ceiling so that America can pay its bills first. Spending cuts can be discussed when a budget is developed. Tell Brandon Williams to support his constituents, regular people whose lives depend on an America that pays for its obligations. Call him: (202)225-3701

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Cancel the Aquarium!

The 100% taxpayer funded Aquarium will be back on the Onondaga County legislature agenda! The legislators will vote on whether to purchase 4.7 acres of vacant land (most of which is in the 100-year floodplain boundary) for 1.7 million dollars. As all our housing, healthcare, food & additional expenses continue to rise, Ryan McMahon is still pushing forward with his aquarium which taxpayers will be on the hook for maintaining for years to come. 

With more information about design and operating coming out this summer. We need this information before the county legislature decides to purchase any land for its development. 

Read the articles below, send your comments to county legislators at and be ready to show up on June 6th at 1pm


Brandon Williams’s Upcoming Town Halls UPDATE

Williams Heads Back To Washington For Debt Ceiling Vote; Town Halls Converted To Tele-Town Halls

Read it on

Anyone who wishes to take part in the tele-town hall must register in advance.

Framing for Political Communication with Dana Balter 

Part 1 {a repeat of training previously provided in April} 

Tuesday, May 30th @ 6:30 PM 

Part 2 {a NEW session that builds on the concepts in Part 1}

Wednesday, May 31st @ 6:30 PM


Have you ever said something like, Republicans are so good at messaging and Democrats aren’t”? It’s frustrating, right?  Fortunately, we know the secret thanks, in great measure, to the research of cognitive linguist George Lakoff (Don’t Think of an Elephant). Now we can use his insights to win the messaging game and flip NY22.

Join us for one or both of these informative and interactive sessions that will cover the basics of political framing which is essential for developing effective and consistent messages that allow us to make the most of every single opportunity we have to communicate.  

Whether we are writing LTE’s, using social media, speaking directly to voters, or crafting Anti-MAGA messages, our choice of words and consistent use of language will affect our work.  

The registration process is two-fold.  First, complete the Google Registration Form, and then a Zoom link will be sent. 

Part 1 Registration Form – Tuesday, May 30th Part 1 – Google Forms

Part 2 Registration Form – Wednesday, May 31st Part 2 – Google Forms

Clean Slate Advocacy Day

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET

New York State Capitol: Million Dollar Staircase, Albany, NY 12224

Join advocates from across New York State in Albany to win passage of Clean Slate. We’ll gather in the NY State Capitol for rallies, legislative meetings, and a press conference. This is the year to end perpetual punishment. Free lunch and transportation will be provided from across the state. RSVP here

3000 Years and Life: Prison Organizing Then and Now

Wednesday, May 31st @ 7 PM at ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave

Join Us for a Documentary Screening & Discussion at ArtRage Gallery

Free to the public. Unchained will be accepting donations throughout the night.

In collaboration with ArtRage Gallery and Syracuse Cultural Workers, Unchained is hosting a screening of the 1973 documentary Three Thousand Years and Life. After the screening, join a discussion with representatives from Unchained about current conditions in New York State prisons and the work, led by currently and formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones, to improve them.

About the Documentary: In the fall of 1972, the men incarcerated at the state prison in Walpole, Massachusetts organized themselves into a labor union—the National Prisoners Reform Association (NPRA). In March of 1973, when Walpole’s guards went on strike, the NPRA took over the prison and ran it peacefully for two months. Seizing on the opportunities provided by the guards’ strike and by a radical new Commissioner of Correction, John Boone, Walpole’s prisoners launched an extraordinary struggle for self-determination and an important chapter in the movement for prison abolition.

Workshop Series: How To Write Better Grants

Thursday, June 1st from 4:30 – 7 pm and Saturday, June 10th from 9:30 am – 1 pm.

The Gifford Foundation (basement level conference room), 126 N. Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13202

The Gifford Foundation is partnering with The Central New York Community Foundation to launch a free two part workshop series on grant writing featuring consultant Babette Baker.

Targeted primarily at grassroots and startup nonprofit organizations, this workshop will also include specific advice on how best to structure applications for the CNYCF’s Black Excellence Fund.

Participants will receive expert guidance on: 

  • Understanding the nine essential elements of grants.
  • How grants should tell a compelling story.
  • Learning the most common mistakes made by proposal writers.

Register Now

Consultant Babette Baker will lead both sessions of the grant writing workshop.

Registration does not guarantee a spot at the workshop. You will receive a confirmation email once we have had time to review your submission.

Capacity: A maximum of two members per organization may attend.

Skaneateles Pride 2023

June 3-4, Skaneateles. A weekend-long celebration that will allow residents and visitors to come together to celebrate, support, and learn about the LGBTQIA+ community. More info

From The Earth Arts and Crafts Show

Sun. June 4, 10 AM – 5 PM. Onondaga Nation School, 3285 Rte. 11-A

Please join us in our first in person craft show. Great food, Live Entertainment and an array of Haudenosaunee/ native vendors and artisans. Free Admission & Parking

Save the Dates

Christian Nationalism: Why It’s Dangerous for Democracy and the Gospel

Wednesday, June 7, 6 Pm-8 Pm. Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, 5299 Jamesville Rd., Dewitt

Questions To: Jcooneyl@Gmail.Com

Christian nationalism has been all over the news lately, but many people don’t know what it means or why it matters. This presentation will introduce what Christian nationalism is, how it works and why it poses a danger to

democracy and to Christianity itself. Sponsored by the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse.

Please join us and invite others.

Presenter: Dr. Greg Carey, Professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, since 1999, Recent books: “Death, the End of History, and Beyond: Eschatology in the Bible” and “Using Our Outside Voice: Public Biblical Interpretation.” Greg has published in venues like the Christian Century, Religion Dispatches and The Huffington Post. He has appeared in documentaries with the BBC, PBS and the Discovery Channel.

Climate Receiver Places GreeningUSA’s Next Green Bag Lunch!
Friday, June 9, 12:00pm – 1:30pm, EST In-Person & Virtual

OneGroup Education Center, 706 North Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Speaker:  Baxter Hankin, Aspiring Architect, Climate Change Policy Advocate, PLACE Initiative
Learn more about communities with lower climate-related risk that are well-situated to receive climate migrants.
As the world changes & becomes less hospitable, where will people go?
How will receiving places manage the growth? How will places provide the necessary jobs and services?
How will well-situated places remain viable & resilient?”
Time for questions and an open discussion with attendees.
FREE and Open to All! But you must be registered to attend. 
To Attend In Person – Register Here:
Limited parking available in the OneGroup parking lot, with additional on street parking.  Enter at the Education Center entrance.
To Attend Virtually – Register Here:
A Zoom link will be sent to those registered after registration closes at 11am on June 9. 

CNY Pride Day: June 10, Inner Harbor 

 Witness to Injustice Program
Saturday, June 10, 1-4 pm. Soule Branch Library, 101 Springfield Road, Syracuse, NY
Free and Open to the Public, Registration Required A project of the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation / Syracuse Peace Council.Witness to Injustice is a unique three-hour interactive group educational experience. It uses an experiential, participatory model to share the disturbing history of what Indigenous Peoples have experienced through colonization with a focus on the experience of the Onondaga Nation and other Haudenosaunee Peoples. The program seeks to foster truth, understanding, and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the part of the world now known as the United States; especially in the territory stewarded by people of the Onondaga Nation and other Haudenosaunee peoples. It was created in collaboration with Kairos Canada and involves facilitation by Onondaga Nation citizens and non-Indigenous allies.   CNY Solidarity June In- Person Meeting: Primary Candidate ForumSunday, June 11 · 3 – 5pm · Bishop Harrison Center Reimagining School Safety: A Community ConversationSun., June 11, 1:00 – 3:00PM, Syracuse Peace and Justice Center, 213 E. Genesee Street 13210REGISTER HERE — ($25 gift card to first 25 people to register)Join the conversation. This community-wide dialogue hosted by SPAARC, is an opportunity to continue the conversation started in 2020 about the impact of School Resource Officers on our youths’ academic and socio-emotional development. This participatory dialogue also aims to identify alternative classroom management and student-centered support strategies. Lunch provided for conversation attendees. FREE + OPEN to the public. The Power of Public Financing in New YorkTues, June 13, 2023, 7:00 p.m.Dewitt Community Library 5110 Jamesville Rd, Jamesville, NYWith Karen Wharton, Democracy Coalition Coordinator, Citizen Action of New YorkSponsored by Indivisible Salt CityThe New York State public campaign financing law will shake up our elections. The impact of small-dollar donations will be multiplied when candidates opt into the system. For example:  your $5.00 donation for Governor would be increased by the state to total $35.00. This means individual citizens will have enormous power to choose candidates that best represent our interests.  Disability Town Hall: What’s Really Happening In Our Schools?Wednesday, June 14, 4 – 5:30 p.m.National Veterans Resource Center, K.G. Tan Auditorium, 101 Waverly Ave. Syracuse, 13244Join the Center on Disability and Inclusion for a Town Hall on the realities, challenges and priorities for students with disabilities in PreK through college.Central New York legislators and area educational leadership will hear stakeholder testimonials and discuss ways to support students with disabilities across the education system. Reception to Follow. Free and open to the public.  RSVP Required. RSVP Today!

An Evening with Angela Davis

Thursday, June 15 · 7 – 8pm EDT. Auburn Junior High School, 191 Franklin Street Auburn, NY 13021

By Seward House Museum Reserve Mobile eTicket

The Seward House Museum is pleased to announce that iconic activist, feminist, and acclaimed author Angela Davis will keynote a community-wide commemoration of Juneteenth on June 15th. 

Davis is Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz; she is also a living witness to the historical struggles of our contemporary era. 

Moderated Q&A hosted by award-winning civil rights journalist, legal analyst, and author Jami Floyd.

Following the event: a VIP reception, meet and greet, and book signing at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Funded, in part, by the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center and the City of Auburn’s Historic and Cultural Sites Commission.

  • Event Ticket: $35
  • VIP Ticket (includes event and VIP reception): $100
  • VIP Plus Ticket (includes event, VIP reception, and SHM membership): $125

Jubilee Homes Job Fair and Construction Expo

Friday, June 16 · 10am – 2pm EDT 

Marriott Syracuse Downtown 100 East Onondaga Street Syracuse, NY 13202

The Jubilee Homes Build to Work Program invites all County Residents to attend our upcoming Job Fair.

Jubilee Homes Syracuse Inc. Build 2 Work Program 

Register Here

Westcott Art Trail: Sat., June 17.

Central Current In-Person Focus Group: Commentary & Perspectives

Thursday, June 22, 6 Pm

There was a real interest in this topic. We hear you – and that’s why we’ll have a virtual AND in-person discussion around this. If you’d like to participate, email  

Strawberry Festival – Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community

Saturday, June 24, 2023 At 10 Am – 6 Pm

Event by Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community

All are welcome to join us for a day filled with family, friends, fun, food, and entertainment featuring traditional and contemporary Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy) culture! 

The strawberry is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. 

Help us reopen our community to public events after 3 long years!

Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign 10 Year Celebration

June 24-25 (11 am Saturday to early afternoon Sunday)

Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community (near Fonda, NY) and Caroga Lake Campground

Info/Registration. Also see the NOON page Here

This summer is the 10th anniversary of the historic Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign. Hundreds of people came together with a spiritual commitment to renew the Covenant Chain of Friendship and educated many thousands of people about this foundational treaty and the desperate need to learn from its powerful vision and work together for a just and sustainable future for everyone. We will gather at the annual Strawberry Festival at Kanatsiohareke on Saturday, June 24 and then continue our celebrations that night and the following day at a campground about 20 minutes drive north of there. 

Golden Rule Peace Boat, A Veterans for Peace Project

July 16, 17 & 18. (Tentative Dates)

The historic anti-nuclear sailboat will be sailing to the Syracuse area this summer.

See the VFP Golden Rule Web Site and to watch a short video about this amazing initiative for peace. 

Primary Election: Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Polls Are Open 6:00 Am-9:00 Pm. 

Early Voting: 6/17-6/25

Czarny Seminar: How to Vote by Absentee June Primary 2023:

Westcott St. Cultural Fair. Sun., Oct 1

Abolitionist Freedom Walk ’23 Sat., Oct. 21. Canastota Canal Museum. Information/Registration.

Election Day: Tues. November 7, 2023 County, town, and village elections. More info: NY State Board of Elections page and at the Onondaga County Board of Elections Primaries will be in June.


SYRACUSE  STREET HEAT is just one, very unencumbered way to work for peace and social justice. We’re part of a decades-long grassroots tradition here, in Ithaca and elsewhere. We stand out and stand up for what we stand for. 

A handful of us stand at busy intersections, for 45 minutes at rush hour, pivoting to the traffic with hand-held signs. We want to get the public thinking about issues often underrepresented in the media. We’re there weekly in almost all of Syracuse’s weather (we seldom cancel). Bring your own sign – or use one of ours. No meetings or committees, so participation time is minimal (yay!) Our Team:  Ann, Dick, Ed, Geoff, Jim, Julienne, Les, Leslie, Peter…. 

To learn more, call Ann: (315) 478 4571.                   

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