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Coordinating Committee Election 2024

Since the number of candidates is fewer than the agreed on number of 8-10, a proposal will be made at the meeting to vote in the slate rather than voting on individual candidates. The coordinating committee can appoint up to 3 additional members, if you are interested in joining the coordinating committee email us for more information.

Brent Bleier
Statement/Bio coming soon.

Elaine Denton
I have been active with the CNY Solidarity since 2017. I help keep our website and social media up to date and I have been helping more with our weekly newsletter since making the switch to Action Network. I have served on the coordinating committee for multiple terms and would like to continuing serving. As a graphic designer and a former Manlius Town Councilor, I would like to continue educating people about local government. I am also a member of the State and Local Action Team (SLAT).

Chris Flynn
I have been a member of CNY Solidarity Coalition since January 2017 and has served on the coordinating committee since June of 2019. I was looking for a group with whom I could positively direct my ire toward the new federal administration. However, I have grown to see more clearly that all levels of government could use some improvement. Retiring from Onondaga County government employment four years ago after 30 years of service, I didn’t think I could have foreseen this level of disgust. But, so be it. Since joining CNY Solidarity, I have been involved with the Federal Legislative/Indivisible NY 24 committee and am one of the team of people sending out the weekly alerts on Monday.

I think everyone in CNY Solidarity has something to offer and that we can continue the work of our group if we share our gifts, even if we think that those gifts aren’t particularly worthy of value. But we can all do something – that’s why I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Also, I have noticed that some of the current Coordinating Committee members – no names – are beginning to look tired. So I’m in this to give someone a break. I have a confession: I wasn’t raised an activist and didn’t see a need to become one until Trump; I even wondered if I would just quit Solidarity once a democrat was elected in four years. But since then, I have become committed to the wider mission of Solidarity and woke to more extremely important issues that need community attention. So I am running for coordinating committee to give what I can to the mission, to offer a respite for some very hard working coordinating committee members, and perhaps, to even develop a passion.

Dick Kornbluth

I am a Syracuse resident and a retired Home Performance contractor (Home Performance contracting treats the house as a system providing energy efficiency upgrades that address issues of comfort, health, safety and building durability). I have been active in CNY Solidarity since January 2017. I currently serve on the Coordinating Committee and the Climate justice committees. I also represent the CNY Solidarity Coalition in the Urban Jobs Task Force where I serve on their Finance Committee, and to Greening USA where I serve as a non-voting representative on their board of directors. My main interest is to work to make CNY Solidarity a
sustainable organization that will be a force for justice for the long haul.

Peter McCarthy
I have been involved in CNY Solidarity since January 2017 and have served on the Coordinating Committee since July of 2017. I have also been involved in the following efforts:

  • Publishes the weekly newsletter
  • Development of policies: Purview, Financial Procedures, Coordinating Committee Selection, Legal Structure, ByLaws, Nonviolence Action Principles.
  • Working on cleanup of mailing lists and development of procedures for data entry and maintenance.
  • Initiated and assisted with Campaign Workshop.
  • Developed reference documents: Coalition Decisions, Communications Lists, etc.

I look forward to continuing this work as a Coordinating Committee member for another term.

Misse Ross
I have been a member of CNY Solidarity since it was created in 2016. During that time I have been focused on social justice, community organizing, and improving our local government. I have been very active in the Syracuse City School District and done work with numerous community organizations. Some of the issue-based campaigns that I have been involved with include, the campaign for New York Health, the Lead Coalition, The Community Grid, and Equitable School funding.

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