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How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade

Thanks again to the incomparable Rebecca Solnit at NotTooLate for this: How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade “… targets to phase out coal by 2025 and largely decarbonise the grid by 2030 could be met years ahead of schedule. The grid in Great Britain recently ran for a record 18 days straight without…

Why climate despair is a luxury

Since the climate emergency is the compelling issue of our time, here’s a suggestion: Read Rebecca Solnit. Why climate despair is a luxury. Those facing flood and fire can’t afford to lose hope. Neither should we. Read it in The New Statesman.  “A 2021 study by the Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International (on whose board I…

Dr. Robin Kimmerer Named 2022 MacArthur Fellow

ESF Distinguished Teaching Professor receives “genius grant” Kimmerer is a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Environmental Biology and is the Founder and Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at ESF. Read it at Read more at
There is No Planet B

The Psychology That Unlocks Climate Action

Education is a key part of taking climate action, yet according to psychologists, the way the majority of climate news is written actually numbs us into inaction. So how do we maintain awareness in a way that inspires us to act?  Read it and check out Urth Magazine at and thanks to  for…
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