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How to proceed if you receive info about ICE raids

You may have heard the rumor of ICE raids in Geneva this weekend. The Workers’ Center of CNY (a key member org of our coalition) and others spent considerable time investigating the rumor over the weekend. Their conclusion is that it is likely only a rumor.

The Workers’ Center requests that you read and have handy the information below about how to proceed when you hear or see any information about raids in the future:

To report raids/ICE actions contact 
Please do not spread second-hand, unverified rumors of ICE sightings or raids on social media or email. It can create additional panic and trauma throughout the community. Please do your best to confirm the rumor with a direct eye-witness and then report to the groups mentioned above. If you yourself are a witness to an ICE action please document as many details as possible including who, what, where, when and how. Badge numbers, names, photos and video can be especially helpful. We will release additional guidance on know your rights, documenting, reporting, and sharing ICE enforcement actions and rumored ICE Actions soon.

If you know the identity of any of the 40 people who were detained in this week’s enforcement operation, please connect them/their family to a local immigration organization who can provide support. If you do not know who to connect them with please contact the NYIC and we will do our best to refer them to a member agency in the area.
Thank you

Charlotte Gossett Navarro
Regional Outreach
New York Immigration Coalition

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