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Tax Rally at Katko’s Office

Join us this Wednesday, 12pm at Rep. Katko’s office at 440 S Warren St, Syracuse, NY 13202. Hosted by Public Citizen

Building upon the success of the Tax March, we must continue to insist that Donald Trump release his tax returns to the American people!

Representative Katko has publicly stated that he supports this measure, but has taken no actions to back his promise. Therefore, CNY Solidarity Coalition and New Feminists for Justice will be hosting a rally to demand his support of the discharge petition for HR 305.

This discharge petition would force a vote on HR 305 (the Presidential Tax Transparency Act), a bill that requires the president to release his three most recent tax returns. Every Democrat is expected to sign the petition, but 25 Republicans are also needed.

If he truly meant what he said, Rep. Katko should be one of them.

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Download & Print to bring to the rally!!  :: Support H.R. 305

Download & Print to bring to the rally!! :: Do What YOU Said

Learn how often Representative John Katko has acted to hide the truth about 45 from constituents.


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