CNY Solidarity Coalition

United in defense of our community and our neighbors

Rally! Invest in Our Communities! No $54 Billion More for War

Friday, May 12, 2017 at 4:00pm 441 S. Salina St., Syracuse (outside Rep. Katko’s office)

Trump is proposing a $54 billion increase (that’s $54,000,000,000) to the US’ already bloated military budget, while cutting essential programs for our communities. This is an increase of 10%, which would bring military spending to over $600,000,000,000 ($600 billion).  This military budget is more than that of the next highest eight countries combined.

Please join us on Friday, May 12 outside Rep. Katko’s Syracuse office (441 S. Salina St.) to demand money for our communities, not for war! Gather at 4pm. Click for map

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