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Action Alerts – Week of Dec 11th

CNY Solidarity members and supporters:
Please find below the weekly ACTION ALERTS from our legislative action team.

Great work last week from everyone who traveled to DC, attended Mayor Miner’s town hall, or rallied with the Trump chicken to protest the #GOPTaxScam. This fight is not over yet. Republican congressional leaders have appointed a Conference Committee, tasked with negotiating the differences between the House and Senate tax bills and coming up with a new version that both houses would then have to vote on again. On Friday, the Conference Committee announced that this process will take longer than they had hoped. More details here.

And now, on to the ACTION ALERTS.

Monday (Dec 11)

A phone bank, a panel discussion, and a Facebook live today

The tax fight is not over

Exciting news! We have a phone system to call Katko constituents to direct people to call his office in opposition to the tax scam. We’ll be calling today from Noon-5pm at the Peace and Social Justice Center, 2013 E. Genesee St. in Syracuse. If you can make it for a shift, please fill out this form so we’ll know when to expect you. More details on FB event page here. If possible, please bring a laptop and cell phone when you come.

If you can’t make it to our phone-banking event, please call Rep. Katko yourself and urge him to VOTE NO on the tax bill when it comes back to the House. As always, Katko’s numbers are 315-423-5657 (Syracuse), 315-253-4068(Auburn), or 202-225-3701 (DC).

#Metoo what’s next?

7-9pm, ArtRage, 505 Hawley Avenue in Syracuse

Join our friends at Planned Parenthood, Vera House, and the Near East Foundation for a panel on gender-based violence moderated by WAER’s Chris Bolt. More details here.

Facebook Live conversation with national Indivisible organizers

The national Indivisible folks are hosting a FB Live conversation focused on stopping the Trump Tax Scam and planning for the next wave of action on the DREAM Act. Join Indivisible’s policy and organizing teams to talk about the state of play in Congress, and how YOU can use your constituent power to turn the tide. 8:30 pm on Facebook Live.

Tuesday (Dec 12)

Two-part alert re Green Light NY (equal access to driver’s licenses by passing Assembly Bill 4050)

From our state legislative action team: If you are in Assembly Member Pamela Hunter’s 128th assembly district (if you’re not sure check please respond to her Fall Constituent Survey so you can state your support for Green Light NY(and also for the community grid option to replace the I81 viaduct). Call her office at 315-449-9536 to get a copy of the survey if you don’t have one.  (There is no online option.) Assembly Member Hunter is very sensitive to the significant number of responses that say to “build the wall” and “build the tunnel,” so she would be very encouraged to see a surge of constituent support for Green Light NY and the community grid.

Everyone should call Gov. Cuomo to advocate for including Green Light NY in the upcoming NY State budget. Putting the modest start-up costs in the budget will make it easier for upstate lawmakers to vote for Green Light NY. Albany office: 518-474-8390. Local office (Colleen Deacon is the governor’s local representative): 315-428-4120.

Wednesday (Dec 13)

No actions today (until further notice!).

Thursday (Dec 14)

No local actions today, but check out the national Indivisible webinar tonight

Policy 101 Webinar

When it comes to Congress, knowledge really IS power. Indivisible’s policy team is hosting a Policy 101 webinar tonight at 8pm to get everyone better acquainted with how Congress works and where we can make the most impact. RSVP HERE

Friday (Dec 15)

Meeting with and/or calling Schumer staffer

We’re meeting with Joe Nehme from Sen. Schumer’s office today at 2 p.m. at the Peace and Social Justice Center – 2013 East Genesee. We’ll meet at 1:30 p.m. to prepare.

If you can’t make it (or even if you can!), please join in with the following phone calling action.

Defend DREAMers now!

Last week, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the federal government open for another two weeks, while progress on the broader spending bills for 2018 remains stalled. Sen. Gillibrand and seven other Dems voted against this resolution because it did not include protection for DREAMers, but Sen. Schumer voted for it. The next CR will come up for a vote sometime next week, and it remains the Democrats’ last best opportunity for leverage on this issue, so let’s all call Sen. Schumer today (202-224-6542; 315-423-5471) and urge him to oppose any deals that lack protection for DREAMers. More details here and here.

Saturday (Dec 16)

Support the Onondaga Nation

The From the Earth Crafts Fair at the Onondaga Nation, originally scheduled for Dec. 9, has been postponed to today, Dec. 16, from 10:00-5:00, at the Onondaga Nation School on Rt. 11A. It’s a great opportunity to support native craftspeople and connect with our native neighbors. If you haven’t been to the Onondaga Nation School before, it’s worth going just to check it out. There are lots of beautiful, culturally informative aspects to the design of the school.

Sunday (Dec 17)

CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting and potluck

3-6pm at Bishop Harrison Center in Syracuse

Committee Breakouts: 3-4 PM

Full Coalition Meeting, including Coordinating Committee Election: 4-5:15 PM

Potluck Dinner: 5:15 PM

More details here.

Save the date for these upcoming events:

Sat., Jan 13: Plans are in the works for a statewide gathering of Indivisible groups in Albany. More details soon. If anyone would be interested in attending, please let us know.

Sat., Jan. 20: Women’s March Anniversary action in the works for Seneca Falls, and Syracuse and elsewhere.

CNY Solidarity Coalition meetings:

Sunday, Jan. 14, 3-5 pm   Location TBD

Sunday, Jan, 28, 3-5 pm

Sunday, Feb. 11, 3-5 pm

Sunday, Feb. 25, 3-5 pm

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