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CNY Solidarity Supports The Community Grid!

CNY Solidarity supports The Community Grid!

Of the options being considered to replace the I-81 viaduct, the Community Grid is the least expensive and most sustainable. It has the least negative impact on the environment and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Community Grid is an opportunity to partially right the wrongs of historically racist policies in Syracuse. The construction of I-81 decimated the 15th Ward and continues to limit opportunities in the neighborhoods obstructed and disrupted by the raised highway.

Syracuse has a high percentage of tax-exempt properties (close to 60%), which include universities, hospitals, state and county properties. These tax-exempt properties benefit the entire region, yet Syracuse bears the tax burden, causing its schools and infrastructure to suffer the consequences of a diminished tax base. The Community Grid removes fewer properties than the other I-81 options and would free up many acres of “dead space” that are currently used for ramps and the viaduct itself. These acres could be used for mixed income housing and well-considered development which would add to Syracuse’s tax base. This new development will create more sustainable local jobs and help rejuvenate the economy of the city.

The wrongs of racism can be further addressed if redevelopment is done with active involvement of affected residents. With an increase to Syracuse’s tax base, more funds would become available for schools, city services, and infrastructure, thereby improving the future for everyone in Syracuse. These improvements are essential for a city currently struggling with poverty and inequality.

To show your support for The Community Grid:

– write letters to the editor to voice your support
– show up at public hearings
-submit comments
– contact your representatives and tell them to support the Community Grid

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State Senate
State Assembly

Click here for more information about the options for I-81.

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