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Action Alerts – Week of June 25th

CNY Solidarity members and supporters:

The Democratic primary for the 24th Congressional District is this Tuesday. Vote and tell your friends to vote. Please find below the weekly ACTION ALERTS from Indivisible NY24 and our legislative action teams.

Today (June 25)

Absentee Ballots: Today is the last day at which absentee ballots can be requested for tomorrow’s election. Ballots must be requested in person at your county election board. You can find the address for your county board here.


Call John Katko and Demand that he Reunite Immigrant Families and Reject Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy 

John Katko has helped put together the Ryan Bill on Immigration, which may come to a vote this week. The bill does nothing to reunite families torn apart by Trump’s cruel policy, requires indefinite detention of families with children, which is unconstitutional, and reduces legal immigration.  The bill will change, but probably not in its essential cruelty. Demand that Katko obtain and publish a list of every parent and child separated and account for each family. More details and a proposed script on the Ryan bill are here and here. Katko’s numbers are 315-423-5657 (Syracuse), 315-253-4068 (Auburn), or 202-225-3701 (DC).

You could also call Senators Schumer (at 202-224-6542 or 315-423-5471) and Gillibrand ((315) 448-0470) and thank them for opposing family separation.


Tuesday (June 26)

Election Day for Democratic Primary for the 24th Congressional District: If you are a registered Democrat in NY-24, then today is election day. Polls open noon-9:00pm. Find your polling place here.

Today’s News: Real or Fake? Teach-in University United Methodist Church, 324 University Ave in Syracuse. 6:30 snacks; 7:00 teach-in.


Wednesday (June 27)

Election Audits and Paper Ballots

The Russians will try to hack the 2018 election just as they tried to to hack the 2016 election (perhaps successfully). Call Senator Schumer and ask him to vigorously support the PAVE Act, which requires states to give all voters the option to hand mark their ballots and to create risk limiting audits for every race. Sen. Schumer is at 202-224-6542 or 315-423-5471. Also, thank Kirsten Gillibrand for co-sponsoring this legislation. (315) 448-0470. Details of are here

John Katko has introduced legislation to require a hacking contest to identify electronic voting systems’ vulnerabilities. This legislation could give Trump tools to enhance Russian efforts to hack the elections, as his Department of Homeland Security would manage the contest. Katko is claiming this bill would enable the Department of Homeland Security to protect our voting systems. Katko’s press release is here.


Thursday (June 28)

Thank New York AG Underwood for Going After Trump’s Corruption

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has sued the Trump Foundation for corrupt practices. Please thank her for her efforts by calling her (800-771-7755) or emailing John Maas ( and asking him to convey your thanks. In either case, consider asking for ongoing updates from the AGs office on its efforts to preserve democracy and fight the Trump agenda on the border and elsewhere.


Friday (June 29)

No action alerts today.


Saturday (June 30)

Weekly “Say No to Katko” protest

11:00-12:00, on the sidewalk outside Wegmans Dewitt, near the traffic light, across from Talbots.


Sunday (June 31)


Save the date for these upcoming events:

Wed., July 11, 7-8:30pm: CNY Solidarity meeting, Bishop Harrison.

Sun., July 15: CNY Solidarity bias/privilege training, location and time TBD.

Mon., July 16: Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Kathy Kelly of “Voices for Creative Nonviolence” will be speaking on Yemen. Sponsored by Beyond War and Militarism, a committee of CNY Solidarity and the Syracuse Peace Council. 7 p.m., All Saints Church, 1340 Lancaster Ave. To learn more, contact Ed or Ann at (315) 478-4571.

Sun., July 29, 3-5pm: CNY Solidarity meeting, Northside Learning Center.

Aug. 19: NYS voter registration deadline for state primary.

Sept. 6: Deadline to request absentee ballot by mail for state primary.

Thur., Sept. 13: Election day (primaries for state offices). Note the date change; and yes, it’s a Thursday. 

Oct. 12: NYS voter registration deadline for general election.

Oct. 30: Deadline to request absentee ballot by mail for general election.

Tue., Nov. 6: Election day (general election for all offices). Click here to add it to your FB calendar.


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