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Action Alerts – Week of June 22

CNY Solidarity members and supporters:
Please find below the weekly ACTION ALERTS from Indivisible NY24 and our legislative action teams.

The priority for the next two days is to Get Out the Vote for the June 23 primary.  Absentee ballots must be postmarked by June 22 or delivered to the Board of Election on June 23. If you don’t already have an absentee ballot, vote in person on June 23. Sign up to phone bank for Dana Balter. Details below.  Let us continue our support for protesters for police reform such as Last Chance for Change, which is on its 23rd day of a 40-day commitment to march for the cause.  They meet most every day at 2:00 at Institute of Technology near Adams and South State Streets (sometimes at other locations), and typically march by 3:00.  

Today (June 22)Volunteer Remotely with the Dana Balter Campaign
With Election Day coming tomorrow, it’s a crucial time for direct voter outreach, principally by phone given our current situation. Click here to sign up for a volunteer shift with the Dana Balter campaign.  Postmark deadline for absentee ballot applications for June 23 primary election. If you applied for an absentee ballot, you should have received one by mail. If you have a ballot and wish to vote that way, you must send it in today.

Tues (June 23) Election Day Vote in person at your regular polling place or at the County Board of Elections if you have not sent in a mail-in ballot or used early voting. 

Wed (June 24) Take a well-deserved break. Because of the volume of mail-in ballots, the Board of Elections does not expect to announce results immediately.

Thurs (June 25) Call Your Senators and Tell them to Pass the Heroes ActThe Heroes Act provides relief from COVID-19 and its economic damage. Stress the need to keep the $3.6 billion in election funding and the $25 billion to found the Postal Service, which are essential to have a safe and fair election in November. Call Senator Schumer (202-224-6542; 315-423-5471) and Senator Gillibrand (202-224-4451; 315-448-0470). Information here.

Sat (June 27) Consider contributing to the Black Lives Matter movement and struggle for social justice. National Indivisible’s list of organizations you can donate to is here. The CNY Community Foundation is starting a Black Equity and Excellence Fund to support local groups combating systemic racism and promote community dialogue. Information is here.  

Sun (June 28)
CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting
. 3-4pm, likely via Zoom.

Save the date for these upcoming events:

Sun. July 12: CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting. 7-8pm, likely via Zoom. (Note change of time.  In July and August meeting times will alternate between 3-4 pm and 7-8 pm)

Sun. July 26: CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting. 3-4pm, likely via Zoom.

Sun. Aug 9: CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting. 7-8pm, likely via Zoom.

Sun. Aug 23:  CNY Solidarity Coalition meeting. 3-4pm, likely via Zoom.

Oct 24-Nov 1: Early voting for general election. Details TBA.

Tue, Nov 3: Election day. Polls open 6:00am-9:00pm. Today and every day, be sure to follow us online and on social media.

Check out our Website and our Instagram. Follow us on Twitter:@CNYSolidarity and @IndivisibleNY24 and  and 

Volunteers needed:
Interested in helping with the website, data entry? Contact
Interested in helping to distribute CNYSC brochures? Contact

Interested in helping to welcome new members? Contact Marianna.kaufman@gmail.comSupport the CNY Solidarity Coalition by making a donation online to help us cover technology, printing and other expenses. Thank you. *Donations are not tax deductible. 

In Solidarity,

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