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Community Events & Newsletter – July 27, 2021 to August 3, 2021

From CNY Solidarity Coalition

Next Meeting: (Note Date change)

Sunday 8/8/21, 3-4;30 PM. At Bishop Harrison Center.

Agenda: Activating our membership to engage in the final Rte. 81 process: specific actions we can all take now.

Upcoming Meetings:9/12/21, 10/3/21, 10/17/21, 10/31/21, 11/14/21.

Committees will meet on their own for July and August. 

Announcements from our Committees:

To sign up for the mailing lists of each of the committees, email your request to the contact person listed. 

Indivisible NY24: Contact: Deborah Rose: Our principal focus remains on supporting the democracy reform efforts in Congress: S.1: For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, etc.

Climate Justice: Contact: Kitty Burns –

SLAT (State/Local Action Team) Contact: Peter McCarthy –  Current priority: Rt 81/Community Grid. See below.

Beyond War and Militarism. A joint committee of CNY Solidarity Coalition and the Syracuse Peace Council.Contact: Ron Van Norstrand;

Rt. 81 Project Update:

CNY Solidarity Coalition’s August 8 meeting will address how to take specific actions to support the community’s needs: submitting comments live and online, public forum, letters and phone calls, etc.

On July 18, we heard Lanessa Chaplin of NYCLU present current news on the Rt. 81/Community Grid project. 

(watch it Here). 

Sign up for alerts from UJTF here: DEIS action alert sign-up form

And save the date: UJTF/NYCLU Press Conference/March for Justice in the Rt. 81 Project

August 14 at Noon; Location TBA


NEW: visual simulation overview of  a drive entering the city from the south and then an aerial view of the changes. 5 minutes.

NEW: Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS):

Individuals may submit comments until September 14, 2021. Responses to substantive comments will be included in the Final Environmental Impact Statement.  

FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) and NYSDOT will hold virtual and in-person hearings.

Virtual hearing sessions via Zoom: 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 11 AM & 5 PM: To submit oral comments, please register here. You will be given a link to the Zoom hearing where you can make a public comment. 

In-person hearing sessions: 

Wednesday, Aug. 18

What: Public hearings and open house (this is newly added)

When: 4 and 6 p.m. for the public hearings. The open house will run from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Oncenter, 800 S. State St., Syracuse

To submit comments, you may submit publicly or dictate to a stenographer. This event will also be live-streamed.

The Oncenter, 800 South State Street, Syracuse 

To learn more about the project and the public hearings: [] 

And here is a recent presentation from Newhouse at SU with some good history: Revisiting and Revisualizing Syracuse’s 15th Ward.

Articles of the Week:

How America lost its commitment to the right to vote

The Supreme Court isn’t even pretending that it’s bound by legal texts in its voting rights cases.

The Supreme Court, Justice Elena Kagan lamented in a dissenting opinion earlier this month, “has treated no statute worse” than the Voting Rights Act. Read the article on Vox

The Authoritarian Instincts of Police Unions

They condition their members to see themselves as soldiers at war with the public they are meant to serve, and above the laws they are meant to enforce. Read it in The Atlantic

Black Syracuse Officer Who Went Viral for Working with Neighborhood Kids Was Up for Promotion by His SupervisorHe Says Seven White Officers Have Since Taken ‘Extraordinary Steps’ to Prevent It. Read the Article in The Atlanta Black Star

Two articles on a disturbing new technology in policing:,118087

Republicans’ vaccine refusal is about more than just sabotaging Joe Biden 

The GOP has a long history of undermining Democratic presidents  at precisely the worst moments for the nation.  Read it on Salon

One of the Republican Party’s go-to strategies to counter a Democratic president’s campaign promise to bring the country together is to obstruct everything the president attempts to do, working night and day to keep their people as angry and unhappy as possible so they can call the Democrats a failure for being unable to fulfill their promise. Such a promise is a bit of a sucker’s play by the Democrats, to begin with, but it’s a natural impulse since Republican administrations so often leave office having put the country through an overwhelming trauma with the nation yearning for healing.

Have you been reading Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American?

You can sign up for a short daily dose of history, context, and analysis of what’s happening with the federal government. With a consistent touch of optimism.


Climate Change Awareness & Action Call to Action re. Support for  Solar Farms in Town of Manlius! 
Wed., July 28 at 6:30pm, 301 Brooklea Drive, Fayetteville
The Town of Manlius (which includes the village of Manlius, Minoa and Fayetteville), is looking to set a  six month moratorium on new solar projects. There is a public hearing on Wed., July 28 at 6:30pm, 301 Brooklea Drive, Fayetteville to discuss the proposed moratorium.
CCAA, is looking for residents  from the Town of  Manlius who would be willing to speak in support of solar farm development. At previous meetings those opposed to solar development have voiced their opposition with the goal of delaying and defeating two proposed new projects. Projects previously approved are also at risk.
Teenagers are also encouraged to participate. Contact Elena Pacheco <> for more information.
Potential speakers should contact Gavin Landless at <> or Peter Wirth, pwirth2@verizon.netIf you live in the Town of Manlius help us hit our goal of 100 signatures.  Please sign our petition at

Flip the Leg with Pam Hunter, Bill Magnarelli and Al Stirpe!


Beer Belly Deli & Pub 510 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY 

Event by Flip the County Legislature

Join Onondaga County’s Assembly Delegation in a special event with a purpose: Put the Democrats in the Majority in the Onondaga County Legislature!

Live music by: Colin Aberdeen, William Nicholson, and Joe Driscoll

VIP TICKET: $. Onondaga County Democratic Committee Ticket: $50. Sponsor: $250 

Rally to Support Democracy Reform

Saturday July 31, 2021. 11AM

InivisibleNY24’s weekly #DeadlineForDemocracy action is on for July 31 at 11am on the public sidewalk outside Wegmans Dewitt:

Indivisible NY24

The Onondaga Nation’s Walk for Justice is also that morning, so many of us will be heading downtown to Columbus Circle after we rally for democracy reform:

Every Child Matters: Walk for Justice for Our Ancestors


Rally at 2 pm with speakers and singers at Columbus Circle

Starting at 10am from the Onondaga Nation, and walking to Columbus Circle.

(Gather at the parking lot at Tsha’ hoñnoñ yeñh dahkwa’ at)

Please wear orange and bring child’s shoes or an item to place on or around the statue

Wear comfortable foot wear, bring water bottles.

Within the last couple of months over 2500 unmarked graves of Indigenous children have been located on the grounds of the Institutions of Genocide aka “Residential schools ” throughout Canada and the United States. 

We will walk in honor of them and the thousands of survivors who endured unspeakable inhumane treatment by hand of priests, nuns and anyone else who were mandated by the United States Government to “kill the Indian and Save the man “. 

The dark untold history of these two countries aren’t Isolated from the rest of the world. Every single Indigenous/ Aboriginal person can share the painful truth of what the Catholic church has done to native children for generations.

Donations needed and greatly appreciated


NY Independent Redistricting Commission Public Hearings

Aug. 5 and Aug. 9

Last Monday, the NY Independent Redistricting Commission announced a series of 8 virtual public hearings, each focused on a specific region. The hearings begin July 20th and conclude on August 12th; the dates for each region’s hearing are below as well as on the IRC website

  • Thursday August 5th: North Country/Mohawk Valley regions at 2pm
  • Monday August 9th: Southern Tier/Central NY regions at 2pm

From Independent Redistricting Commission of New York State is holding a virtual public hearing to solicit input from your community. As the IRC embarks on the process of drawing the future district lines of New York State, feedback and guidance from the residents of New York is of the utmost importance and at the core of the Commission’s goal to fairly and equitably redraw Congressional and State Legislature lines.

These hearings are the best opportunity for residents to participate in this process. By submitting your community of interest to the IRC, and presenting it at your local hearing, New Yorkers have the chance to contribute to the redistricting process.It’s critical that we get as many NYIC (New York Immigration Coalition) members as possible to testify. If you can help, please contact Kayla at

UJTF/NYCLU Press Conference/March for Justice in the Rt. 81 Project

August 14 at Noon; Location TBA

The revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is out, and hearings and  comment  schedules have been announced. CNY Solidarity Coalition will support this effort. More info to come!

Westcott St. Cultural Festival

Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021  Info here


STAND FOR  PALESTINE —  expose IDF terrorism, Occupation and apartheid in Gaza and West Bank…

intersection of Erie Blvd E and E Genesee in De Witt…

4:15 to 5 p.m EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY       


Park St. opposite the Regional Market main entrance… every SATURDAY 9 to 9:45 a.m.       

 *or use one of ours. (Ann or Ed  315 478-4571 home)

***Social distancing***Legal***No meetings, no obligation, no cost***Easy  parking***Rain or shine***

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