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Secretary of State Races

Last week we started to tell you of consequential state elections that involve governors who protect election results from the machinations of GOP election deniers.

This week we move to another state-level position which also protects elections: Secretaries of State/Commonwealth. 47 States have Secretaries, 12 of them are appointed by governors or legislatures and, just as an FYI, in 10 states Secretaries are not chief election officials (incl. New York State). 28 states have elections in 2022. Secretaries of State are important positions to protect, and 2022 is an important election year. This is the last election that will place Secretaries before the beginning of the 2024 presidential election season, important especially in swing state such as Arizona and Michigan. In addition, any state with an election denier as Secretary has the power to continue disruptive and false conversations that prolong doubt in our secure elective process, even in blue states. While the Secretary is a state-wide position that has the power to oversee, administer, defend or certify electors, they also have the power to rein-in local election deniers.

Here we list a number of secretary of state candidates whom we think worthy of support. At this time, we recommend a) financial support; and b) reaching out to friends & family in those states and asking how you can help them get involved. As phone-banking opportunities (or other ways to pitch in from a distance) arise, we’ll share those as well.

In the battle-ground state of Arizona, Adrian FontesAdrian Fontes – Ballotpedia ) is running to replace fellow democrat Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor. Arizona is just slightly Blue: the 2020 presidential election was won by a slim margin. He is running against one of the noisiest of extremist election deniers.

In Michigan, another battle-ground state, we want to support Jocelyn Benson ( Jocelyn Benson – Ballotpedia) in her reelection bid. She has been a defender against many MAGA inspired activities in the Michigan State House and elsewhere. Benson is being challenged by an extremist election denier on the Republican line plus three other candidates in the general election.

Nevada is a toss-up state, and this is the first opportunity since 2015 to elect a Democrat as Secretary of State. Cisco AguilarCisco Aguilar – Ballotpedia ), the democratic candidate, is competing again one of the highest profile MAGA-verse champions.

In Wisconsin, Doug LaFolletteDouglas La Follette – Ballotpedia ) is running for reelection as Secretary of State against a GOP election denier, plus two other candidates in the general election. Wisconsin is a battle-ground state where much MAGA election fraud activity has occurred over the past 2 years.

Interestingly, many of the high-profile Governor races you were directed to last week are in states where the Secretary of State is appointed: Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania.

It is vital that Democrats keep the House and Senate. Over the next few months, Indivisible Onondaga County will highlight ways you can contribute to this effort, as well as to critical NYS races. CNY Solidarity Coalition does not endorse specific candidates.

Easiest way to support change at the national level? Donate to indivisible’s Give No Ground campaign to support selected House and Senate candidates:

What else can you do? Donate or volunteer in the races we will be highlighting. Forward this newsletter to friends who might be interested. Suggest they visit our website and sign up for this newsletter.

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