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Indivisible Onondaga County

NY Congressional Races

This week marks 5 weeks before the Midterm Elections. The recent testimony of the wife of a supreme court justice before the January 6 committee that the 2020 election was “stolen from Donald Trump” emphasizes the importance of this election to the future of Democracy in our country.  In recent weeks…
Indivisible Onondaga County

Secretary of State Races

Last week we started to tell you of consequential state elections that involve governors who protect election results from the machinations of GOP election deniers. This week we move to another state-level position which also protects elections: Secretaries of State/Commonwealth. 47 States have Secretaries, 12 of them are appointed by…
Indivisible Onondaga County

Election 2022: Governor races

Nationally, among the most consequential elections this Fall are a number of Governor’s races. Some of these races are important because gerrymandering has produced solidly Republican (and sometimes extremist) state legislatures, for whom Democratic governors serve as one of the few effective checks. Others are important because the GOP nominee…
Indivisible Onondaga County

National Groups to Support: Donate if you Can!

In addition to supporting the local election and legislative efforts of grassroots Indivisible organizations across the country, the national Indivisible organization is conducting a Give No Ground campaign leading up to the 2022 and 2024 elections. This campaign is focused on preventing extremist MAGA politicians from taking over Congress by maintaining and…
Indivisible Onondaga County

NY 22 Congressional Race

Although John Katko will no longer be representing us when the 118th Congress convenes in January 2023, it could be worse. Brandon Williams, the big upset winner in the Republican congressional primary and also the Conservative party candidate, is a MAGA-supporting conservative who holds extreme views on abortion rights, gun ownership,…
Indivisible Onondaga County

Election 2022 is Approaching

The upcoming election, here and nationwide, is critical for the survival of our (flawed) democracy. While the Democrats do not always live up to our hopes, it is vital that Democrats keep the House and Senate. In this space, over the next few months, Indivisible Onondaga County will highlight ways…
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