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Crush the Coup!

In June, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear a case this fall (Moore v Harper) that could give state legislatures unchecked authority over election procedures, voting laws and the ability to create gerrymandered maps. State legislatures with unchecked authority have the potential to override the choice of the voters in their states, so candidates elected to state legislature seats in 2022 might determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

Indivisible Action has launched a 2022 midterm election campaign, Crush the Coup, to help either flip or protect critical state legislator seats in six swing states that are trending blue in presidential elections but are currently ruled by Republican state legislatures. Crush the Coup is supporting candidates in 29 highly-competitive legislator races in Arizona (6 races), Georgia (6 races), Michigan (3 races), No Carolina (4 races), Pennsylvania (5 races) and Wisconsin (5 races). 

For more information on these races and the candidates and to find out how you can get involved (financial donations, letter-writing campaigns, etc.), go to: Crush the Coup

And work for local candidates; only four weeks until election day!!!!

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