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3 Weeks Until Election Day!

Three weeks — not too long for us to remain powerfully focused on our election goals:  to elect candidates that promote our democracy, defend reproductive freedom and all our rights and freedoms, which are under attack by Extremists everywhere!   

In recent months, when Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, we were faced with what can happen in all our states regarding reproductive rights (even in progressive states such as New York) especially if extremists are elected to majorities in state legislatures and to key state-wide leadership positions. 

What happens if extremists take over the U.S. House and Senate?  Will a nation-wide ban on abortion rights be promoted and put into law, changing reproductive rights throughout the country?  There are other rights that are online to be taken away by an activist Supreme Court.  Extremists in Congress also will continue to block legislation that will have positive economic impacts for our nation; they are more interested in obstruction than in getting things done for the people.

MAGA Republicans are spreading disinformation and outright lies about non-MAGA candidates and positions in support of democracy.  Here are some ways to show support for our candidates, defend our democratic norms and principles in the next 3 weeks, and to learn a thing or two:

Learn about Bail Reform NY Rural Indivisible

Tuesday, October 18th at 7-8pm on Zoom; 
Dana Balter, Citizen Action, will teach us more about bail reform, which has been manipulated by MAGA Republicans to stoke fear and spread misinformation.  A relevant topic for those of us who want to defend the truth! Register here.

Indivisible’s Give No Ground: Defending the Democratic Majority is Up to Us.

Indivisible states:  Our battle in 2022 and 2024 is to ensure that the frightening and unpopular extremism of MAGA Republicans is front and center in the minds of voters.  

Give No Ground is targeting 19 critical Senate and Congressional races throughout the U.S., and Josh Riley, NY19, is a new addition to this campaign.

Indivisibles are ready to go on the offensive!  Help to Give No Ground 

January 6 Justice:  Our Freedom, Our Vote!

Friday, October 21 11:00 am, Federal Building

See Oct. 21 below and information at (20+) Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedom, Our Vote! | Facebook

Francis Conole for Congress upcoming events:

  • Saturday and Sunday: Phone banking at various times and locations
  • Canvassing/door knocking this weekend in Town of Onondaga, Manlius and Baldwinsville

Volunteer Opportunities, Events, and Petitions Near Me · Francis Conole for Congress on Mobilize

To find more ways to get involved through Indivisible, go to:

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