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Action Newsletter: Sept 5 – 12, 2023

CNY Solidarity Coalition Meeting: 

Sept. 24, 2023

Bishop Harrison Center 

At this meeting we will hear from a number of our allied organizations. A very important component of our efforts has been to support local progressive organizations such as the Families for Lead Freedom, the CNY Workers’ Center, Urban Jobs Task Force, and many others. We are currently finalizing the list of presenters and will send an agenda later.  

Please come and participate in the conversation!

CNY Solidarity Coalition Meeting Schedule: Dates are subject to change.

October 15 2 PM

November 12, 2 PM 

December 3, 2 PM

December 17, 2 PM

Westcott Fair on Oct. 1. We need volunteers to staff the table. Sign-up link coming soon.


Redlining in Syracuse: How it led to segregation, blockbusting and white flight

In part 2 of its series with Central Current, CNY Fair Housing explains redlining and its effects on Syracuse.

This story is part of a series of submissions to Central Current by CNY Fair Housing explaining its Run the Redline event and how redlining affects Syracuse. CNY Fair Housing is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring housing access and eliminating housing discrimination. Read the first story in the series here.

Luxury Student Housing Doesn’t Deserve Subsidies

Despite the need for more affordable housing, lawmakers in Syracuse have instead created more and more incentives to build luxury student apartments. Developers behind Theory SyracuseThe Marshall and The 505 on Walnut will save 42 million dollars from property tax breaks and incentives from the city.

Read it on

Landlord Group Was One Of Biggest Spenders On Lobbyists Last Year

The group “Homeowners for an Affordable New York” paid $1.4 million to a single lobbying firm to fight “good cause” eviction protections.

The organization, a coalition of landlords and groups that represent their interests, formed early last yearand then spent a total of $1.4 million to lobby state officials against the passage of the tenant protections backed by progressives. Read it on

Legal Experts Across The Ideological Spectrum Agree: The 14th Amendment Disqualifies Trump From Holding Office

Experts and academics across the ideological spectrum believe that Donald Trump is disqualified under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Leading conservative and progressive figures are in agreement that the Constitution bars Trump from assuming office again and must be enforced. Read it on

“The Great Escape”: Saket Soni on Forced Immigrant Labor Used to Clean Up Climate Disasters in U.S.

The labor camp, which the company itself called a man camp facility, was surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Workers (brought from India) were working around the clock in 12-hour shifts to build these oil rigs for the company. …There were security guards. The men were only allowed out of the labor camp chaperoned by American security guards, and the places they were allowed to go to were Walmarts, where they would buy provisions to come back. That’s how the workers lived. Those were the living conditions. Read or Watch on


See our Contact Your Representatives page for contact info.

From Citizens Campaign for the Environment

Governor Hochul: It’s Time to Save the Bees! 

In August, we joined NYS Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal, environmental advocates, and farmers for a virtual press conference calling on Governor Hochul to sign the Birds and Bees Protection Act into law! This bill would ban the most harmful and unnecessary uses of toxic neonic pesticides that have been decimating bee and pollinator populations, contaminating water resources, and threatening public health. Neonics are likely the most ecologically destructive pesticides since DDT. Help us fight the pesticide industry and protect our pollinators by sending an email to Governor Hochul and tell her it is time to save the bees! You can also watch a recording of the press conference here.

From NYCLU: Tell Commissioner Rosa: Ban Facial Recognition Technology In Schools.

Facial recognition technology is error-prone, racially-biased, and dangerous. But opportunistic tech companies are chomping at the bit to sell this technology to schools in New York. Now, State Education Commissioner Betty Rosa will soon decide whether to side with student privacy or with these tech companies.

Lots of research shows how inaccurate facial recognition is, particularly when used to identify young people, women, and people of color. These systems constantly scan people’s faces, and they can track children’s movements everywhere they go. This has the potential to turn innocent behavior like hanging out with friends into evidence of wrongdoing or even a crime.

The law banned facial recognition and other biometric identifying technology on public school campuses until a report weighing its costs and benefits could be issued. That report is now out, and the results are conclusive: facial recognition carries several risks and has unproven benefits.

New York students’ privacy rights are now in the hands of the State Education Department, which will make the final decision. TAKE ACTION: Tell Commissioner Rosa to keep facial recognition out of the classroom.


NYS Senator Rachel May’s Mobile Office Hours: Have a Question? Need Help? 

Tues., Sept. 5th, 5-7 PM

Wed., Sept. 13, 12-2 PM

Beauchamp Branch Library, 2111 S. Salina St., Syracuse

We can help with state agency issues and questions, including homeowners assistance programs, property taxes, unemployment insurance, DMV, consumer complaints, and more.

County Executive Candidate Debate 
Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7 pm Destiny Christian Center, 514 Turtle St, Syracuse

Doors Open at 6:00pm

County Executive Candidates Bill Kinne & Ryan McMahon will be at this event where you can hear from both candidates. Learn about the candidates background, qualifications and why they are running for Onondaga County Executive. Take a look at the structure of Onondaga County and you will understand why this is one of the most important races this November. Share and attend this event and be ready to vote on November 7, 2023!

Presented by Washington Square Task Force

General Election Campaign Kickoff! – Mo Brown and Emily Essi

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, 6 PM. 515 Westcott St. 

Come help us get across the finish line! November 7th is right around the corner and we have to keep the intensity we during the primary all the way until election day!

We will be joined by special guest, Emily Essi, who’s going to be our next county clerk!

The CNY Micron Project’s Sustainability and Environmental Review

GreeningUSA’s Next Virtual Green Bag Lunch

Friday, September 8, 12:00-1:30pm

Registration:  Registration closes at 5pm on Thursday, Sept. 7.

The environmental review process for the Micron project is expected to formally begin soon. The impacts of the chip fab development, the manufacturing process and the attendant community growth will have significant implications for our community. At this GBL we will hear about the NEPA and NYSEQR process and timeline, hear about Micron’s sustainability goals, and share concerns about the sustainability challenges and opportunities this mega project will present. FREE! But you must be registered to attend.

Helen Zughaib – Stories My Father Told Me. Memories of a Childhood in Syria and Lebanon

September 9 to October 28, 2023

Opening Reception – Saturday, September 9th From 6-8pm

Celebrate ArtRage ‘s 15th Birthday with a new exhibition season that begins with the work of Helen Zughaib! 

Employing vivid color, rich pattern, stunning beauty, and admiring love, Lebanese-American artist Helen Zughaib has brought her father’s childhood stories of Syria and Lebanon in the 1930s and 40s to life. In 1981 Zughaib received a BFA from Syracuse’s University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts and has since become one of the world’s most renowned Arab American artists. Her work is in the collections of the White House, World Bank, Library of Congress, and the Arab American National Museum. We welcome Helen back to Syracuse where we will exhibit her full series of 25 gouache paintings, each illustrating a story as told by her father, Elia Zughaib.

Fundraiser for the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice (SCPSJ)

Sunday, September 10 from 12:00 3 :00 pm at SCPSJ, 2013 E. Genesee St.

Join the Center board and all resident groups at a fundraiser for the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice (SCPSJ, aka “our offices”)

An afternoon of fun and fundraising: 

– open house w music by Colleen Kattau

– silent auction (wine, meals, books, and more)           

– building tours 

SCPSJ, “The Center” is a community space, offering below-market rents to these groups: Syracuse Peace Council, The Workers’ Center of CNY, Alliance for a Green Economy, Black Lives Matter, Unchained, Public Citizen, and Afghan Community of Onondaga. Please help The Center continue as a building supporting movement groups.

For more information, call 315-701-1580 or

A Better World Is Possible: A Conversation With Kathy Kelly

Mon. September 11 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, ArtRage Gallery 505 Hawley Ave

Kathy Kelly has been an educator for most of her life, but she finds children of war and those who are victims of violence have been her most important teachers.

From 2010 to 2019 Kathy made over two dozen trips to Afghanistan, living with young Afghan Peace Volunteers in a working-class neighborhood in Kabul. With Voices in the Wilderness companions, from 1996 – 2003, she traveled 27 times to Iraq, defying the economic sanctions and remaining in Iraq throughout the Shock and Awe bombing and the initial weeks of the U.S. invasion and occupation. Kathy is helping prepare evidence for the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal which begins November 12, 2023, and she is board president of World BEYOND War.

Drawing from what she has learned while living alongside people in various war zones, (Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza), Kathy will explore the possibility of abolishing all wars. She will describe the forthcoming Merchants of Death Tribunal, and the call for military contractors to transform to manufacturing objects of peace.

Save the Dates

“To End All War: Oppenheimer & The Atomic Bomb” Documentary Screening

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 At 7 Pm

ArtRage Gallery, Event by Syracuse Peace Council

Hosted by the Syracuse Peace Council’s Nuclear Free World Committee, an exclusive screening! 

In light of the recent popularity of the Oppenheimer movie, this event provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the complexities surrounding the atomic bomb’s creation. The documentary offers a comprehensive view of Oppenheimer’s journey – from his groundbreaking scientific contributions to his moral introspections about the weapon’s devastating potential.

Following the screening, engage in a thought-provoking discussion with fellow attendees about the film’s themes, Oppenheimer’s ethical dilemmas, and the ongoing relevance of nuclear disarmament in today’s world. This event seeks to foster a space for meaningful dialogue and contemplation, encouraging us all to consider the implications of our scientific advancements on global peace. More information:  or call (315) 472-5478. 

Renewable Heat Now 2024 Campaign Kickoff

Thursday, Sep 14, 2023 07:00 PM on ZOOM

Join Renewable Heat Now for our 2024 campaign kickoff! These meetings are a great place to learn, get plugged in, and take quick and easy but impactful actions with us. We’re fighting for policies and funding to phase fossil fuels out of buildings to fight climate change, lower utility bills, create good green jobs, and make New York healthier! 

Futurismo Latino, Exhibit Opening Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Friday, September 15, 2023, 6 PM – 8 PM

La Casita Cultural Center, 109 Otisco St, Syracuse, NY, United States, New York

The exhibit, Futurismo Latino: Cultural Memory and Imagined Worlds, will highlight the works of Chicano artists Cayetano Valenzuela, Zeke Peña, and the La Casita’s youth community. The opening event is free and open to the public and will include lively Latin music and authentic Mexican food.
The exhibition seeks to reconfigure a vision of the future where Latino/Chicano culture is in flux and centered in the story of the far future. The installation of original paintings, drawings, prints and three-dimensional pieces will remain on view throughout the 2023-24 academic year. More information

Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Lacrosse Festival – Come Play where Lacrosse Originated

Deyhontsigwa’ehs: The Creator’s Game, Lacrosse Weekend 2023

Saturday September 16-Sunday September 17, 2023

Onondaga Lake Park, 106 Lake Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088 in the heart of Onondaga Nation Territory

The Annual Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM). 

This event will be free, educational, and entertaining for the whole family.

Don’t forget to also take part in the Restore our Sacred Lake 5K Run/Walk Saturday AM Sept. 16.

Learn more at:

March To End Fossil Fuels

Sunday, Sept. 17TH – 1PM – NYC – 56th & Broadway

Join Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, the Syracuse Peace Council, AGREE, People vs. Fossil Fuels and many others in NYC for the March to End Fossil Fuels on September 17th! This is the kickoff event to Climate Week and takes place 3 days before the UN Climate Ambition Summit when world leaders will gather to commit to phasing out fossil fuels. Tens of thousands of us will take to the streets on September 17 to call on President Biden and other world leaders to take bold action to end fossil fuels.

Syracuse BusThere is now a bus to accommodate 55 people going from Syracuse-Cortland to NYC. 

The bus organizers are SPC/NOON, AGREE, and the ESF/SU NYPIRG chapter. Climate justice art posters will be available for participants. Unfortunately, this bus is not ADA accessible due to fleet limitations. We will make a pick-up stop in Cortland, and if we get enough people, we can most likely book a 2nd bus. Exact pick-up locations TBA. 

          Syracuse: gather at 7:15am, bus leaves at 7:30am 

          Cortland: gather at 7:50am, bus leaves at 8:05am

Registration link for SYR bus

–Full confirmed bus list and public travel options:

–Carpool organizer:

March organizers encourage participants to join a hub when they arrive in NYC. SPC recommends Nuclear Free-Carbon Free, organized by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. To join them during the march, contact Tim Judson:

Nonviolent Direct Action – Monday, September 18: A nonviolent direct action is planned for Monday as a followup to the mass march on Sunday.  You can sign up to receive more information here.  If you’re interested in participating and coming from Central New York, please reach out to Andy Mager.

Please spread the word about the CNY bus if applicable to your circles:

SPC webpage announcement

Facebook event

CNY Fair Housing Presents: Run The Redline

Sunday, September 17, 2023 Everson Plaza, 401 Harrison Street, Syracuse

$30/participant. Information/Registration:

Run the Redline is a 5k Run and 3k Roll/Stroll educational event that traces a portion of the infamous ‘redline’ that helped segregate Syracuse. Run the Redline to experience the physical spaces shaped by these federal policies.

Youth Violence: A Crisis that Impacts Everyone

Friday, September 22, 12-1:30 PM. SALTspace Theater | 103 Wyoming St, Syracuse, NY 13204 OR Zoom

FOCUS Greater Syracuse, Inc., in partnership with The Gifford Foundation, is hostingt a free, HYBRID forum on Youth Violence in the City of Syracuse and the impact it has on everyone. It will focus on solutions, what is currently being done, and what needs to be done. Panelists will challenge participants on what more we can do as a community to help address violence among our youth and young adults.

IN-PERSON OPTION: Join us for lunch. The Gifford Foundation is generously providing box lunches for those who attend in-person and who register in advance. We ask that those attending in-person arrive at 11:30 AM.

Free parking in Performance Park Lot (Marcellus Street).

VIRTUAL OPTION: Can’t join us for lunch? No worries! We’ll be hosting a Zoom link so everyone can join.

Use this link below to register for In-Person & Lunch or Zoom attendance. 

Special Election for ALL Town of Manlius Residents

Sept. 23, 2023. 9AM – 5 Pm at the Town. Hall , 301 Brooklea Dr., Fayetteville

residents, including those in the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius, and Minoa, on whether the ward system should be established. 

Visit and look at the 8/23/2023 Town Board meeting agenda for more information! Ask questions. #yourvoicematters #SpecialElection

Witness to Injustice

Saturday, September 23, 2023  10:30 AM – 2:00 PM. Fayetteville Free Library Community Room AB

Witness to Injustice is a unique three-hour interactive group educational experience.

It uses an experiential, participatory model to share the disturbing history of what Indigenous Peoples have experienced through colonization with a focus on the experience of the Onondaga Nation and other Haudenosaunee Peoples. Witness to Injustice is a project of Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation / Syracuse Peace Council.

Details/Registration Here

Ten Year Celebration – Workers’ Center Central New York

Saturday, Sept. 23, 6-10 PM The Rail Line, 530 S. Clinton St., Syr,  13202

Celebrate 10 years of worker justice, victories, and more to come with the Workers’ Center on September 23rd! 

Doors open at 6PM. Food (tacos with meat and vegan options) served at 6:30 followed by our first band. Our program starts at 7:30, followed by cake and more music and dancing. There will be a cash bar. In addition to the inside space, there is a beautiful view of the city from the rooftop seating area. The site has a private parking lot. It will be a night to have fun and reminisce on the work that has been done with the help of the community. In order to get a headcount and assure there is enough food for everyone, we ask that you confirm your attendance here. Thank you and see you there!

The Border is a Weapon – Artist Talk & Reception

Friday, September 29, 2023 At 6 Pm – 8 Pm Nancy Cantor Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette St., 13202  More Info

Event by Point of Contact – Punto de Contacto, Office of Cultural Engagement for the Hispanic Community and CMAC – Coalition of Museum and Art Centers at Syracuse University

Punto de Contacto-Point of Contact (POC) commemorates National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023 with a new exhibit “The Border is a Weapon”, featuring work by Mexican and Chicano artists from the border towns of South Texas. This multimedia art collective reflects on life in a region that is united by culture, history, its people, and divided by the Río Grande. Featured artists include Angel Cabrales, Cande Aguilar, Daniela Cavazos, José Villalobos, Juan de Dios Mora, Maritza Bautista, and Ruben Luna. The show will open to the public September 22 through November 12, 2023. Admission is free and open to the public.

Summer 2023 Workshops at the Marcellus St. Bike Depot, 713 Marcellus St.
Saturday 9/30 3-5PM – How to Fix a Flat
The Marcellus St. Bike Depot, a member and volunteer-run community bicycle shop founded in 2022 to provide bicycle riders in Syracuse a place to share and learn bicycle repair skills, share tools, and connect with other bike riders. Workshops are open to the public and free (donations welcome!) Cyclists and bicycle riders of all skill levels are welcome to attend, especially women, trans, and non-binary cyclists. Workshops will be capped at 12 participants. Light refreshments served. Please RSVPto secure your spot and please and spread the word. 
Open Shop at the BikeDepot is most Tuesday evenings from 4/5-7 and Saturday afternoons from 2-5. Find up to date info about Open Shop and workshops on our Facebook page

6th annual ArtRageous Bike Ride! Register Today!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Choose either the 20 or 40 mile ride and enjoy a homemade lunch back at ArtRage after the ride. 

Lunch will include gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Early registration is $45 ($55 after September 26th).

Youth under 18 years of age, accompanied by an adult -$10

The 40 mile ride leaves ArtRage at 9:30am. The 20 mile ride leaves ArtRage at 10:30am.

Westcott St. Cultural Fair. Sun., Oct 1

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Festival 2023 – Sunday, October 8, 2023, 3 Pm – 8 Pm. Everson Museum

Abolitionist Freedom Walk ’23 Sat., Oct. 21. Canastota Canal Museum. Information/Registration.

Election Day: Tues. November 7, 2023 County, City, town, and village elections. More info: NY State Board of Elections page . Also Onondaga County Board of Elections and

Plowshares and Peace FestivalNottingham HS. December 2 and 3. 

Ongoing Events


Syracuse Street Heat is just one, very unencumbered way to work for peace and social justice. We’re part of a decades-long grassroots tradition here, in Ithaca and elsewhere. We stand out and stand up for what we stand for. A handful of us stand at busy intersections, for 45 minutes at rush hour, pivoting to the traffic with hand-held signs. We want to get the public thinking about issues often underrepresented in the media. We’re there weekly in almost all of Syracuse’s weather (we seldom cancel). Bring your own sign – or use one of ours. No meetings or committees, so participation time is minimal (yay!) Our Team:  Ann, Dick, Ed, Geoff, Jim, Julienne, Les, Leslie, Peter…. To learn more, call Ann: (315) 478 4571.      

1ST AND 3RD TUESDAYS: 4 PM to 4:45 PM at Hancock’s main gate.
West sidewalk of the broad intersection of Erie Blvd East & East Genesee St., DeWitt (across from the Fire Dept.) For years our focus has been on solidarity with the people of Palestine.
EVERY SATURDAY: 9 to 9:45 a.m. – RACISM, ANTI-WAR, ANTI-NUKE, etc. Across from Regional Market, 2100 Park offramp from Liverpool/Park St exit of 81 N.

Click here to sign up to receive this newsletter in your email. 

Donate to the CNY Solidarity Coalition

CNY Solidarity Coalition contributes regularly to local progressive organizations: Syracuse Peace Council, National Action Network, & Urban Jobs Coalition. We also make occasional donations as needed to other local groups. We depend on your donations for this.  

Donate Online through PayPal 

Mail donations to: 
CNY Solidarity Coalition
P.O. Box 6137, Teall Post Office, 226 Teall Ave., Syracuse NY 13217
 Our Committees
To sign up for each of the committee mailing lists, contact the person listed. 
Indivisible Onondaga County: Contact: Deborah Rose:
Climate Justice: Contact: Dick Kornbluth
SLAT (State/Local Action Team) Contact: Peter McCarthy –  
Beyond War and Militarism: A joint committee of CNY Solidarity Coalition and the Syracuse Peace Council. Contact: Ron Van Norstrand: 

Peter McCarthy
Coordinating Committee
CNY Solidarity Coalition


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