CNY Solidarity Coalition

United in defense of our community and our neighbors

NY 22 Congressional Candidates

Sarah Klee Hood is an Air Force veteran, elected councilor, mother raising two young daughters, environmental policy expert, and native Central New Yorker.

John Mannion is a NY Senator, a public-school science teacher, dad, and husband. Born, raised, and home in Syracuse.

Campaign Finance

Incumbent Unrepresentative Williams (R) has raised over $2.3 million. Only 11% are from small individual contributions less than $200. 

Sarah Klee Hood has raised over $1.3 million. 52% are from small individual contributions. 

John Mannion has raised over $865,000. 19% are from small individual contributions. 



Klee Hood supports “Medicare for All” or any similar policy that would transition all Americans to single payer universal government health care.

Mannion favors keeping in place and improving the Affordable Care Act, while allowing Americans with private insurance or insurance provided through their employers to keep their plans. Mannion said he supports providing government-run health insurance as an option.

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