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Invest in Our New York

Invest In Our New York Act

This could be our most consequential effort over the next two months:

Invest in Our New York is a campaign seeking to tax New York’s wealthiest residents. The six bills proposed by the state-wide coalition will raise between 50 and 75 billion dollars in annual revenue, and our goal is to include all six in the state budget as it is negotiated over the next few months.

More than 90% of New Yorkers –  across political parties – agree: We should tax the rich before cutting services. 

Our leaders must act this year to:

  • Stop giving the wealthiest tax breaks and start requiring their stronger participation in the common good through fairer assessments on their income and wealth (4 bills)
  • Make big business and Wall Street contribute a fraction of what they gain from operating here, through small fees on financial transactions and offsets to their windfall from Trump’s 2017 tax cuts (2 bills)

It is our job to reach out particularly to Senators May and Mannion, and Assembly members Hunter, Magnarelli, and Stirpe, as well as the Governor’s office. 

Learn more and sign the petition:

Upcoming opportunities to learn more and get involved:

Send Letters to Voters
The Invest in Our NY is a multi-pronged strategy. One initiative is writing letters to voters, encouraging them to contact their Senator or Assembly member. Invest in Our NY provides a letter to print out and to personalize with a handwritten message and addresses for voters in key districts. Your investment is some time and postage. John Sheridan is serving as the Central NY coordinator. Contact him, if you are interested.

Which CNY Representatives support #InvestInOurNY Act?

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