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Onondaga County Executive Candidates

Since the Onondaga County Executive position was created in 1962, there have only been Republicans elected to this position. Onondaga County has experienced over 60 years of Republican leadership and where has that left us? Highest concentrated poverty in the nation, unsafe housing poisoning our kids with lead, lack of mental health resources, a skeleton of county government (4,231 positions in 2009 to 2,927 in 2023) and more.

Democrat voters now outnumber Republican voters in Onondaga County. But will voters turn out to vote in November? Or will low turnout keep the status quo? Learn where each candidate stands on important issues facing our county and make your plan to vote on November 7th!

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Onondaga County Registered Voters June 2023
Onondaga County Registered Voters as of June 2023
How important the County Executive Position?
How important the County Executive Position?


Bill Kinne

Bill Kinne

  • Running to restore integrity to the Onondaga County Executive Office.
  • Dedicated to public service with over 20 years experience as an Onondaga County Legislator. 
  • Legislator Kinne grew up on the Southside of Syracuse, graduating from Corcoran High School in 1974. He earned degrees at OCC and Arizona State University. Before and after college he worked at Green Hills Farms on South Salina Street in Syracuse. 
  • Kinne launched his own business in 1999, Bill Kinne Property Management Services, which performs snow removal, lawn care, landscaping, caretaker and handyman services.
  • Bill is married to Beth, a part-time substitute teacher in Syracuse City Schools, and they have four grown daughters, Hanna, Amaris, Lara and Sophia Therese.
Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon

  • Ryan has lived in Onondaga County since 1981 and grew up in Syracuse’s Strathmore neighborhood.
  • Ryan is a graduate of Bishop Ludden and LeMoyne College, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science/Business Administration.
  • While working in the private sector in the financial industry, Ryan served six years as a City of Syracuse Common Councilor, and seven years as Chair of the Onondaga County Legislature.
  • Was appointed to County Executive in November 2018 after Joanie Mahoney stepped down before her term was up as the County Executive. Ryan McMahon was elected for a 4 year term as County Executive in 2019.




County Legislators Bill Kinne and Mary Kuhn proposed updating the county’s ethic law that hasn’t been updated since 1990. Their proposed legislation included:

  • Implementing a 2 year waiting period before past legislators could be appointed to county positions.
  • No dual office holding.
  • Banning nepotism.
  • If you get a contract with the County, your campaign donations will be made public by the Ethics Board.
  • To learn more about these proposed changes, read the proposed law here.

Read more about how Republicans delayed Ethics Reform on Facebook

Republicans would not allow this proposed legislation to even be brought to the legislature for a vote.

Using American Rescue Plan Act money for what all intents and purposes is a political ad is an insult to everyone in this county.



”Home ownership is the best way to end generational poverty. And if we have that we can help people have a better life.” ~ Bill Kinne

Kinne voted No on allocating 85 million dollars of taxpayer money to an expensive aquarium and on buying a vacant, polluted parcel owned by COR Development to build the aquarium on for an additional 1.7 million of taxpayer’s money.

Kinne has said we need to invest in our communities and has presented what he would spend the 85 million on his Kids First! Plan.

  • $40 Million for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Crisis.
  • $20 Million for School & Public Safety
  • $10 Million for Positive Student Experiences
  • $15 Million for Family & Community Health


“Best way out of poverty and generational poverty is a job & a career.” ~ Ryan McMahon

McMahon said he would address poverty, infrastructure & economic development instead he is spending over 86 million dollars on a 100% taxpayer funded house for fish leaving families behind.

Onondaga County’s Current Poverty Rate
The poverty rate has increased since 2019 according to Census data.








  • Bill Kinne says, Onondaga Count must address urgent need for affordable housing. The City of Syracuse has seen increases in high dollar housing for students and upper income wage earners, but neither the City or the County has seen much in the way of development of workforce housing, that can accommodate people who earn the average wages that are paid in this County.
  • We need to provide incentives for developers to develop or revive housing that meets the community’s needs, not just their profit profiles, before we grant building permits or tax deals. We need to see more mixed income housing, throughout not just Syracuse but our towns as well.




  • Democrats proposed three amendments aimed at reducing lead poisoning among children, a problem that is especially severe in some parts of Syracuse. Proposed $30,000 to pay for public service announcements, $75,000 to help train remediation workers, and $75,000 to fund a position at Lead Safe CNY, in initiative of the nonprofit Central New York Community Foundation. All three were defeated by Republicans. 





Campaign Finance

Search Political Donations


  • Has raised $66,206 in 2023 mostly from individuals
  • Proposed a law to make campaign donations public if you get a contract with the County


  • Has raised $499,639 dollars from PACs, corporations and individuals
  • Notable donors include John Katko, Syracuse developer James P. Ranalli ($10,400), architect Michael P. O’Shea of QPK Design ($10,000), partners of Barclay Damon law firm ($7,500), partners of the Harris Beach law firm ($5,000), developer Guy Hart Jr. ($2,600), and Brandon Williams ($1,000)

Budget / Government Services


  • Voted for more funding and staffing for our Board of Elections, Republicans voted against and amendment was not passed. (page 2)
  • Has advocated for more funding to add staff to Onondaga County Social Services and other departments as Onondaga County used to have 4,231 positions in 2009 to 2,927 in 2023.


Jamesville Correctional Facility


Voted NO on February 7, 2023 to abolish 132 positions under the Sheriff’s correctional facilities merging Jamesville Correctional Facility and Onondaga County Justice Center personnel. (page 44)

Voted NO on February 7, 2023 to amend the county charter regarding the Onondaga County Sheriff (an action that usually requires to be put on the ballot like it was in 2017, but Republicans did it anyways) (page 50)




  • Murphy’s Island ‘fiasco’ happened because McMahon doesn’t listen
  • Bill Kinne says he will work to expand Renewable Energy & Green Initiatives until county operations are carbon neutral.
  • Bill believes the county would be wise to develop sustainability standards which would be applied to all publicly financed construction or improvements, and to economic development projects for which county or city tax breaks are sought. 


  • A controversial Onondaga Lake spur finally opened last fall. Now it’s closed indefinitely.
  • Murphy’s Island trail was rushed even after opposition from residents about the project, CSX Railroad and the DEC. In 2011, the County Legislature voted to give Murphy’s Island to the Onondaga Nation. The county reneged on that offer three years later, after a preliminary study showed widespread contamination of a variety of chemicals, including PCBs and benzene. Murphy’s Island is one of 11 Superfund sites in and around the lake.
  • Updated Comprehensive Plan for Onondaga County but seems to be missing environmental goals.
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