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Local Elections 2023

Low turnout in local elections silences our voices

Governor Hochul signed bill (S3505B) Moving Local Elections To Even-Numbered Years!!

There will be odd year elections in 2025 & 2027 as we move local elections to even years but this is a great win that will increase turnout in local elections.

2019 & 2023 Onondaga County Executive Turnout

November 7 General Election

See Onondaga Countywide Candidates listed below. Click the buttons to see candidates running for Onondaga County Legislature, City of Syracuse, town government and village government in Onondaga County. Onondaga county has 19 towns and 15 villages.

Onondaga Countywide Candidates

* incumbent | bold names are winner

Family Court Judge

Vote for 2

Joseph Zavaglia (D)

Douglas Demarche (R)

Diane Plumley (D)

Lourdes Rosario (R)

County Executive

Term: 4 years

Bill Kinne (D)

Ryan McMahon (R)*

District Attorney

Term: 4 years

Chuck Keller (D)

William Fitzpatrick (R)*

Christine Varga (CON)


Term: 4 years

Marty Masterpole (D)*

Casey Jordan (R)


Term: 4 years

Emily Essi (D)

Lisa Dell (R)* 

Propositions: (on back of ballot)

One: Removal of Small City School Districts From Special Constitutional Debt Limitation so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. More Info Passed ✅

Two: Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit: extends for ten years the authority of counties, cities, towns and villages to remove from their constitutional debt limits debt for the construction of sewage facilities. Learn More Passed ✅

City of Syracuse Proposition One:  Increase transparency and accountability between Governing bodies and the Citizens of Syracuse, by clarifying the scope of audits conducted by City Auditor and, subject to Common Council approval, permitting the City Auditor to retain independent legal counsel. More Info Passed ✅

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